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Bys Family Fun Day!

Have you ever wondered what we do for fun? Well I want to show y'all what a Bys family fun day looks like! Yesterday Daddy was off work. That was unusual because he is usually only off Sunday and Monday, but we will take a random Thursday. When he is off, it automatically makes that day a family day and we try to do something fun together. Fun doesn't always mean something off the farm, but yesterday it did. It was even more special because Quinn was home. We wanted to go and do something, so Mom and Dad (well, mostly Mom) planned a fun day for us.

While we ate breakfast Daddy told us the plans for the day. He said we were going to go to a splash pad, have a picnic lunch, then we were going to have a surprise, followed by dinner and a family movie at home. Dad kept calling it a surprise, but we all knew what it was because the splash pad was in Grapevine. Our favorite shaved ice place is also there. Everyone quickly got ready for the day. Even though we started our day early, we finally rolled out of the driveway at about 11:30. Large family problems at their finest, it always takes a little longer than expected to leave the house.

When we finally got to the splash pad Mom and Dad realized that the park was super busy and there was no shade so we decided to try another one that was about 10 minutes away. After several meltdowns (all the littles were ready to get wet) and getting everyone buckled in we realized we had no diaper bag. No diaper bag? How does that even happen? Finally, we got to the other splash pad and we immediately went to the water. It was super hot so the water felt great! Soon everyone was in the water except Aspen and Reed. Aspen isn't technically afraid of the water but it still takes her a little while to get in. Reed, on the other hand, isn't a fan of water. He won't touch you if he knows you are wet.

By the time lunch was laid out on the table, everyone was drenched (except Reed). Lunch consisted of veggies, a fruit salad, mango, watermelon, pickles, olives and Daddy's gourmet wraps. He said humbly that one taste of his gourmet wraps will ruin all other wraps for you. He thinks he's so funny, he is always cracking a joke.

Lunch was finished quickly and everyone was back in the water. Mom decided to introduce Reed to the water. He was not too happy, but he wasn't freaking out so there was some progress! Mom and I also "helped" Reed walk thru a water spraying arch, again not his favorite thing, but he tolerated it.

Some of us were spending time under this huge bucket that filled up with water and poured on you. Other kids had moved a few chairs directly under the spot the water hit, so we drug Daddy into a chair to wait with us.

Family Day 2

When we were done, we dried off by playing at the park that was next to the splash pad. This park was pretty cool and had many things to play on. Our favorite was a miniature zip line where we spent most of our time. We all took turns going, Reed even went on it with Daddy.

Family Day 4

We finished up our outing at a place called Hip Pop, which was our surprise dessert. They have shaved ice, slushes, and popscicles. Not only do they have the best shaved ice, they have syrups that they make with real fruit, organic sugar, and they don't have corn in them. This is huge for our family because we have a corn allergy and it seems that corn is in all things, especially sweet things. Most of us got shaved ice or a slush, but Daddy chose an interesting cucumber lime jalapeño popscicle. That just sounds weird to me and Daddy ended up having to get several sips of water to stop the coughing from breathing in the jalapeño. :)

Family Day 3

We wrapped up the day with a dinner of  homemade hot wings, mashed potatoes, rice crispie treats and a family movie. Our day was busy, fun, hot and even chaotic at times, but we had a great day and made memories. By the end of the day, everyone was exhausted. (Yes, Quinn sleeps with his eyes open!)

Family Day
Family Day

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (esv) Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.