our mission

We provide a Christ-centered education in a safe and healthy learning environment to children in need, we equip our students with love, knowledge and skills to help them to see God’s great works through their education. Our primary focus is that they may believe the Gospel and live their lives for eternity, in response to what Christ has done and is doing.


We began MCA in January 2019. Kenya is on a year-round school calendar which begins in January and is split into three terms with a break in between each term. Currently, MCA has grades PP1 (pre-school), PP2 (kindergarten), and grades 1-5. We employ 7 certified teachers and 1 teachers’ assistant. We have a current enrollment of 104 students. The majority of our students also live at Mercy Home, but we have been able to include several other children living in our community within our enrollment. We have been blessed by McKinney Christian Academy of McKinney, TX who donated awesome uniforms from their school for us to use. It worked out perfectly that we have the same initials as them, so the monograms are perfect!

It is our desire to be an authentic Christian school. We begin every school day with a chapel service and every student goes through a Christian Religion Education course. We have also partnered with nearby missionaries, Education in Christ, who are former teachers from the US. They are mentoring and training educators to teach the glory of God in every subject, every day.

Community Impact

Even though the public-school system in Kenya is free, schools are allowed to charge several fees for various purposes such as enrollment, desks, exams, and PTA. With such a high number of people living in extreme poverty near us, many children either do not attend school or their educations are interrupted often because they are sent home until fees are paid. 

We have been blessed to be able to enroll about 40 children so far from our community. These are all children that come from very difficult backgrounds of poverty. They were not attending school or their education was often interrupted because they were being sent home due to fees. We have one boy attending whose step-father would pay fees for his biological children, but not his step-son. So, the boy, desperately wanting to attend school, was getting up early every morning and working late hours every evening, collecting and carrying water in jerry-cans in order to sell to pay his fees. The school allows us to help out in these difficult circumstances.


We are so thankful to everyone supporting MCA through prayers and donations. We wish each of you could get the chance to see first-hand the tremendous impact you are having on these children and their families!
— Stephanie Bys