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Please click one-time or recurring buttons to give via Paysimple secure payments our main payment gateway, using bank cards or electronic check for those in North America. PayPal is still welcome and the best option for those outside North America (yellow button below) just send to info@afm.ngo and please don’t forget to memo any designations!

Mailed checks or money orders are welcome. See below for mailing address.

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The "recurring gift" button above will be for making your first gift today and recurs on same day each month. If you want to give today and recur on a different date, please use one time for today, then wait for that day of the month you want your recurring gift to begin and set up your recurring gift or contact David at 469.213.0015 to set up over the phone. 

To support specific ministry program or person on a recurring basis, please click the Partnership Form and submit your intentions before giving to help us know you're standing with us. This helps us in budgeting for specific needs. God bless you for choosing to partner with us!

*Please note* When giving to meet a specific need, please try to include about 7% more than the actual need to help us cover costs of receiving and then sending funds internationally. These costs vary widely and we must cover our costs so please be aware of the overhead needs.

Call 469.213.0015 for immediate help or to give over the phone 8 am to 9 pm CST.

 We want you to join us in our mission of reaching lives for Christ, helping the hurting & sharing compassion for the needy. Your generosity enables us to help more people experience the life change that accompanies knowing Jesus and his people. We appreciate your financial contributions and we hope that the simplicity and convenience of being able to do so on-line is helpful to you if you so wish. Our on-line bank card donation processing costs are about 3% so we encourage you to use the ACH E-Check method that costs us under 80 cents per transaction, so we will have more funds to send to end ministries, therefore if able with any larger gifts please use ACH or mail in a check for best stewardship of funds. 

For mailing Checks or money-orders make payable to 'About-Face Missions' mailed to: 
About-Face Missions,  4034 Wiltshire Drive,  Garland, TX 75043

**If you want to be a regular giver, we encourage you to allow us to set you up on auto-pay as It will simplify your life and help us with consistent giving. Simply choose the recurring donation option to make it easier through your own bank bill pay, or our PaySimple provider, or PayPal. Any questions or to edit a current recurring schedule please contact David via email david@aboutfacemissions.com or call 469.213.0015 **


PayPal donations are also accepted.  Click the yellow PayPal button below for or send to info@aboutfacemissions.com.

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AFM Ministry Inc, dba About-Face Missions, is a Texas non-profit corporation 501c3 public charity and all IRS qualified donations made this year are tax-deductible as allowable by law.  IRS Tax EIN# 45-4791577 Contribution letters will be sent electronically via email at the end of each calendar year, mailed receipts are sent only on request providing you send us your full mailing address. Designations are honored as best we are able.   To see our IRS Tax Exempt Letter of Determination click here. 

A couple of very happy Maasai men who have their very first local language Bible provided by AFM donations in central Kenya!

A couple of very happy Maasai men who have their very first local language Bible provided by AFM donations in central Kenya!

Special note on donations: 

AFM Works hard to be as efficient as possible and we keep our costs low. Typically 90 to 95% or more reach our end ministers in need. We are much more efficient than fundraising websites that are in the business of making money on people's donations. Sites like GoFundMe will tell you that they charge about 8% to 9.25% (plus it is not tax deductible)  of the funds you send, and AFM absorbs none for personal use, and our bank card transactions only cost about 3%, donate by check it cost us zero and by ACH e-check about $.80 per transaction.  The additional costs that GoFundMe crowdfunding type sites don't make you aware of are the transfer fees it takes to get the money overseas and that varies on how it is sent and the amounts. GoFundMe and sites like that do not provide that service. Someone in the USA will have to collect it and send it and be liable for personal taxes on it all. Cash transfer services can run as high as 10 to 15% in many cases especially if you don't know the best methods when you take into account the conversion rates and fees! AFM combines funds and minimizes costs going out to our ministry partners, and we are experienced at finding the lowest options; thus we can keep the costs from 5 to 7% in total incoming and outgoing fees and about 3% for our operating costs. 90 to 95 percent net to the ministry partner in most cases and in many cases if we have enough general funds to cover costs, 100% is sent to end ministers when we are able. If you are wanting to send a very large gift of 1000 or more, contact us at info@afm.ngo and we will ensure that highest possible portion will be received.  If our pastors used GoFundMe to raise funds it would net cost them minimum 15% at best take a very long time to get to them and most likely lose 1/4 or more in the end, plus it would not be deductible to you. Fundraising sites cost much more, because they are not a charity, but a business trying to make a profit. We pay no salaries and we do this in love of God and his call, not for profit.  

We do our best to always honor givers designation wishes.  According to IRS rules AFM Ministry must reserve the right to apply funds as we deem necessary, in order to maintain our 501c3 public charity status. IRS will not allow forced designations that benefit donors to prevent tax evasion and money laundering. When we do fundraisers for specific needs and more money comes in than what we actually need for that project or pastor, we will apply the surplus to our general fund and use it to fill in a likewise similar critical need that God has led us to do. In some cases of larger amounts we may consult with the giver to see if they have a preference to the change of use. In all cases, we value that you put your trust in us to manage best all donations to AFM as valuable resources that belong to God and thus must honor Christ in all we do. We want to be good stewards of all resources God entrusts to us.  Sponsorship donations for an individual children in an orphan or indigent care program are put into the pool of funds going to the pastor in charge of that child to utilize the funds for all the children in his care, as is the loving thing to do and are not stockpiled only for that one child.  Thank you, and God bless you for taking part in serving God and our fellow man by partnering with us financially any time you can or on a regular basis! 

(ref.  visit https://www.gofundme.com/pricing for GoFundMe's policies on what it is costing your recipient in lost donations )


One of our very grateful ladies in AFM Church of India under Pastor Manikumar's leadership who received a Bible through AFM donors.

Pastor Ram's wife, and his orphan Children standing in the nearly completed AFM Orphan Home in Nepal.

JFM Church members praying over the construction of our new AFM Mercy Children's home in Kaya village, Bungoma County Kenya.

The condition in which we find many poverty stricken youth in Kenya, a young boy visiting our Mercy home during our grand opening ceremony in April 2017. Would you consider sponsoring a child to take into our Mercy School or Orphan for our Mercy Children's Home?

Pastor Manikumar and wive Neelima standing with the group of children they are doing Gospel Bible club with this end of May 2017. Pray for these faithful ministers as they work tirelessly to raise up disciples of Jesus from a young age in a land of lost Hinduism. Mani leads 3 small home churches and cares for about 12 orphans in his home along with reaching his community with Gospel teaching and evangelism.