Our Mission

We provide a safe, healthy, and loving home where children can thrive spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our family is focused on equipping our children to be productive Kenyan citizens as disciples of Jesus Christ so that they may believe the Gospel and live their lives for eternity, in response to what Christ has done and is doing.

Mercy Children’s home Story

Mercy Children's Home launched in 2017 outside the city of Bungoma, in the small village of Kaya. Jeff Bys and his family were commissioned to direct and manage this work for AFM Ministry because of the passion that God put into them for orphans and the needy. As of July 2019, we have 88 orphans/at-risk children, 9 Bys family members, and our social worker living at MCH. We employ a staff of 25 workers who help us take great care of the kids that God has given us.


Additional Outreach

Feeding Program

Prolonged periods of drought in Bungoma can cause many of the local children to go hungry. The feeding program was started to provide meals for these children when they have no other means of getting necessary nutrition. This program meets this critical need in the community, and also gives Mercy Ministries an opportunity to identify other needs that the local children may have. Watch the video below for more information:


Jigger Treatment

Jiggers are parasitic fleas that live in the dry ground and embed themselves into a person’s skin. Because many Kenyans go barefoot or wear open-toed sandals, feet are the most common target of the jiggers. The treatment for the removal of jiggers is a relatively simple two-step process; however, due to a lack of education on what jiggers are and a lack of treatment centers, many Kenyans will live with jiggers for extended periods of time. Some even believe that jiggers are a result of witchcraft and go to a witch doctor to be treated. Mercy Ministries uses the treatment of jiggers to heal and educate the locals while also bringing the gospel truth to them.


Widow Boxes

Each week, Mercy Ministries provides a box of food for the families of widows in the community. These boxes are supplementary and contain some staple foods of the Kenyan diet. This outreach opportunity is another way that Mercy Ministries is following the commandment in James 1:27 to “visit orphans and widows in their affliction.” See the contents of a widow box below:

Mercy Children’s Home is an outreach of AFM Ministry’s broader discipleship and church-planting ministry to teach the world gospel-centered knowledge of God (theology) and provide a Christ-centered model of loving God and loving others.
With that being said, we take very seriously what we believe about God and his Word as it affects everything we do in some form or another. Our beliefs affect how we go about reaching, teaching and multiplying for the Lord Jesus.
— David Shelton, AFM Ministry President
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