AFM Ministry (About-Face Missions) is currently all volunteer staff since we are a small non-profit ministry trying to do the most for the Lord with the resources God has given us. Through AFM we have two USA missionary families supported, being JR Ball living in Tennessee and overseeing church planting in SE Asia unreached people groups and Jeff Bys family living in Kenya overseeing our East African ministries. Below are some brief bio's of our staff and board. 


David Shelton- AFM President-Director- Board Chairman

David is fully employed in the health care industry and gives his free time to oversee our ministry and reach more people for Christ. His professional experiences have been primarily in technical services and small business operation.  David's passion has always been evangelism and discipleship which led him to foreign mission fields where he travels frequently working with ministers helping equip, encourage and spur them on in evangelism and discipleship.  He served on evangelism teams with ministries such as Bill Glass Prison ministries, Needhim ministries, I am Second, and Global Media Outreach (GMO), as team leader and on-line missionary that focused on using the internet to reach and disciple people for Christ.  His time in GMO was the crucible that led to the discipling a young man from Uganda and the genesis of this ministry today. He served on difficult theological questions and Muslim outreach groups within GMO also. 
David began following Christ at a young age, being discipled and trained in the Bible early in life. He heard God's call into ministry during his teen years and has always had a gifting in evangelism and disciple making. He led and discipled many to Christ throughout his life. A passion for missions has always been a large part of his life.  David will tell you he came to understand that missions starts at home wherever God plants you, but that we must focus more on reaching those who never heard the Gospel truths all around the world.  Around 2009 God emphasized his call on David’s life to reach the harvest fields internationally where the needs are so great and the Spirit is moving in power. Thus began the journey that has led him to found About-Face Missions with another GMO fellow missionary, JR Ball.   
Today along with responsibilities of family life and work and ministry, he and his wife Angie serve as members at Watermark Community Church in Dallas. David serves on their Believe (testimony) team, small group leader and group launcher.  David can be contacted via email or on Facebook at

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Jeff Bys- AFM VP- Director of African missions - Board Vice Chairman

Jeff Bys is married and a family man. He and his wife Stephanie have 10 children and lived in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.  Jeff and Stphanie are now full time missionaries with AFM serving in Kenya with their 7 youngest children overseeing our Kenya Children's Home ministry and our discipleship ministries. He was prior a district manager of a food restaurant chain in the DFW Metroplex.  He and Stephanie have big hearts for orphans, thus God led them to take his call for them in Africa.  He has a gifting in pastoring the people of God. He has been a leader in his churches where he has served in children’s ministries, youth pastoring, and as lay preaching pastor. He led a small church for a time as lead pastor and is firmly grounded in Biblical reformed theology. Jeff knows the Lord and serves him with his whole heart. When God opened the door for Jeff to join AFM, he was more than eager seeing this as a way he can continue to provide for his family needs and still be deeply connected to missions.  Jeff joined our team to assist David in 2014, Pray for him and for AFM as we learn together more how to best utilize our gifts and put them to maximum use for Christ’s kingdom work! Prior to Jeff's leaving for Africa, he and his family were members of First Baptist Church of Newark, TX.  Jeff can be contacted via email or through Facebook at

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Jim Clark- AFM Discipleship Director- Board member

Jim Clark is retired scientist but a lover of Jesus and the Gospel!  He and his wife Donna have a long history of love for Bible study. Jim has taken many of these lifelong Bible study lessons and created an on-line school for the poor called 'Sharon Bible School' which is now part AFM ministry works.  Through his passion to see people go out and evangelize and make disciples, Jim also developed a tract ministry to help get Bible tracts in the hands of the poor indigenous pastors around the world at very low cost through internet download. Jim and AFM partnered to work with our various ministers over the years and it only made sense to merge our efforts and unite under one umbrella ministry. So we invited and Jim accepted the position of AFM Director of Discipleship. Jim is continuing his work of developing and translating much of their Bible study lessons into local languages for our various pastors as well as his Gospel tracts and are continuing the Sharon Bible School a branch ministry of About-Face Missions under Jim’s leadership.   Making Disciples of Christ is our primary goal, and so Jim and the Sharon Bible School and evangelism tract ministry are a perfect fit!  Jim is also now on our board of Directors and helps give us direction and oversight. We thank the Lord for this Brother and service to the Lord. If you want to be part of helping us in our ministry we could use more willing hands to assist Jim in preparing documents for uploading and translating. Contact Jim via email. or Facebook at

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Joel Toland - Administration- Board member

Joel Toland is mature in his faith, and leader in the Church and one who has a heart for making disciples for Christ.  He is employed for a major airline company as a systems architectural engineer and is a active member of Watermark Community Church and co-leads community group with David.  Joel is disciplined in his faith and in his life and leads others in both word and deed.  He is both a sacrificial giver of his time and money helping AFM manage it's books and a current consultant on the board of directors.  Joel is married to his wonderful wife and theologian Holly Toland and lives in the Dallas metroplex.  Joel and Christina below help David on daily basis be the engine that keeps this ministry ship plowing along! They both are a great asset to our work. Joel can be contacted via our general email or Facebook at

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Christina Brown- administration

Christina Brown is a long time supporter of About-Face Missions who desired to do more to help us in our calling. She is a homeschooling mom to 4 kids (all grown but one still at home) and happily married wife to Gregg Brown. Christina previously owned a daycare center for 14 years before the Lord called her to home school exclusively. Christina has served with Southern Baptist Ministries in Kansas City and worked in the inner city as a part-time missionary with children, teens and the elderly. Christina's passion in the church is people knowing the word of God and her passion is teaching the word of God, which she has done for years in various new-start up churches. Christina greatly desires that everyone comes to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally and experiences His transforming power in their lives! She lives in Kansas and does much of the day to day data entry of bookeeping for AFM. She may be contacted at or via Facebook at

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Imran G - Board Member

Imran is serving an evolving role in AFM Ministry. He is a lawyer who loves Jesus and has served the Christian community through legal aid back in his home country He currently works for a Dallas Law firm and has assisted David volunteering his time helping us manage our business operations. He currently serves as a consultant to AFM serving on the AFM Ministry Board of Directors. Imran is an active member in community at Watermark Church of Dallas.  (image blurred for security reasons as he is living in USA as asylum refugee) He may be contacted by email at or via Facebook at

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Marci Conley- Board Member

Marci has served in various roles within AFM over the years. Along with her passion for the Lord Jesus she has long had a great heart for missions, traveling with AFM on mission trips and helping lead others within her own Church and community back in Bismark on mission trips to Africa also. She has a passion for the Gospel and for children's ministries.  She is a mature Christ follower who is not afraid to share with others about About-Face Missions ministries and helping us promote many projects over the years. She is mother of 4 and faithful servant of Christ and has been a great prayer warrior and promoter of our ministry. She currently serves as a consultant to AFM serving on the AFM Ministry Board of Directors. She may be contacted by email at or through Facebook at

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John Jones- Board Member

John has been an About-Face Missions advocate and supporter since our very first days when JR Ball and David got connected with him via Facebook 7 years ago.  He has been a prayer partner, promoter and encourager of our outreaches since day one.  He along with David are the only two original board members that are helping lead the ministry since it's inception.  He is devoted to Christ and is a family man living out his faith in home and community involved in his Church in the Lufkin Texas area.  John can be contacted via our main email or through Facebook at

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