If you've ever wondered why we have stayed in Kenya after all of our sickness, after all of our troubles, after being chased from our home, after being physically attacked, after being slandered and after being jailed this is why:


This is Wilbur while living on the streets, and then just after being baptized. The life change God is doing here is far greater than any negative we have faced. We would go through those things again and again if it meant we got to experience the change that is happening in our home. Before Wilbur came home his life was so sad. He was one of the boys that I just knew would live here, but he was always so "out of it". He always had glue, he was always stand-offish and he rarely interacted with us. But now look at him! He is happy and social, has the biggest smile, and wants to walk with Christ! I can't tell you what a difference being off of the glue makes.

I believe that these boys can grow up and be leaders in Kenya. I believe they are worth the time and money invested in them. I believe that they deserve a loving family. I most definitely believe that they are the main reason we are here in Kenya. If you have ever prayed or given any money to support Mercy Home, you have played a part in changing Wilbur's story. You have helped re-write the ending of what could have been a very sad story. Thank you for that!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. John 14:18 ESV

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