Viona is 7 years old and is in Top Class (kindergarten) at Mercy School. She and her older sister, Emma, came to live at Mercy Children’s Home in June 2017. Their father has died and their mother abandoned them. Viona is a sweet, quiet girl and loves to go for rides on our motorbike. Her favorite color is white and her favorite foods are ugali (think dried grits), Sukuma (a type of greens) and yai (eggs). Her favorite part about living at MCH is eating mandazi  Mandazi is similar to donuts but is not sweet. We like to buy or make them once or twice a week for breakfast (called chai because we also drink Kenyan tea, called chai, during breakfast time) and then add powdered sugar to them. Please consider sponsoring Viona or one of the other kiddos of MCH. Together we can change their story!