As of July 2019 these are our two biggest needs. Please pray about supporting us financially in these specific ways.

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Surgery for Baby Wayne

A few days ago we took Wayne (Baby Wayne as we call him because we have 2 Waynes) to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well and his fingernails and toenails were purple. He got to the hospital and his stats were all over the place and the Dr on duty said Wayne has some sort of heart issue going on. Once he was "stable" we took him to see a cardiologist about 3 hours from our home. She did an echocardiogram and saw a heart that needs surgery and needs it asap.

Wayne has a LARGE HOLE and TRUNCUS ARTERIOSUS. That is his official diagnosis and all the information we have been given about his condition. He has had this since birth, but it has gone undetected, which the Dr was surprised and a bit confused by. She said he definitely needs surgery and this surgery isn't done in Kenya. She said they usually refer to India for this procedure, but that it can be done in America. We are checking into some other places, but really we are in over our head so to speak because clearly this will take a team of expert specialist to fix.

Specific prayer points

1. We get a clear direction on where surgery is to be done.
2. Getting Wayne out of country would be an easy process, we are already working on paperwork.
3. Surgery steps happen quickly or at the correct speed for Wayne.
4. Any funding/transport/housing needs are met.
5. Wayne's health while waiting for and during surgery would get and remain stable.
6. That the Drs who will be operating on our sweet boy would know exactly what to do for him.
7. Emotions for all of us. Wayne is dearly loved and cared for by many and we will be splitting off to get him the best care possible. 

Vehicle for Mercy Children’s Home

  In Kenya, Africa the most common means of transportation among the villages is the use of low cost small motorcycles. These 100 to 125 cc bikes are the workhorse of the poor for transportation needs. Many are available for taxi services called Boda Boda service also. Where roads are poor to non-existent these are lifesavers keeping you from having to walk miles and keeping transportation costs low. When we began our work in Kenya, we choose to do it like the locals and not seek to get a car when we had so many other pressing more urgent needs. We rent a car or truck when we need one, but mostly use our fleet of 3 motorcycles to do most our transport needs.

But…We have grown so much and we just cannot do all we need to do now easily with just motorcycles, so we are spending lots of money hiring cars and trucks far too often. It can typically cost us 40 to 60 dollars to have stuff delivered when we cannot do it with our small bikes. Also with so many children and staff to now care for, we do have medical emergencies that hiring an ambulance or urgent car hire to rush people to the hospital safely is also not only expensive, but wasting precious time in an emergency. We really need to get a large van or truck or small bus. Right now we are considering finding the cost for a used 20 passenger or so small bus as we could also utilize it as a community aid program to help not just our family and school needs, but to buss in very poor kids from other villages to our school and to also be a emergency service to help local village people get to the hospital in their crisis situations. God will bless us with many opportunities to help others more efficiently if we can get us a bigger vehicle. Pray for us as we seek donations and provision for this vital need.