A compassion Gospel outreach ministry to poor families in Agra, northern India. Reaching the unreached for Christ of north India for Jesus through compassionate material needs, food and educational helps to poor children and their families of this city of little Christian witness.

Sudhir's Gospel Children's ministries


New Life Trust Ministries- Agra India

New Life Trust is a Registered Christian Charitable organization committed to serve the people and especially poor and orphaned in our city.

Rev. Sudhir S.N.Lal has a great compassion and vision for the children who are in need and serve them with a purpose: TO LEAD THEM INTO A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST. In doing so, these children can have a joy of the Lord and live abundant lives for all eternity! Though care of poor Hindu family children and raising them to know Christ, Pastor Sudhir also is able to reach the extended family members as they come to Church and begin to likewise learn the truths about God. 

They provide these children a complete care and basic education with the sacrificial and voluntary help of a few Christian helpers, who have passion for these children. You are welcome to partner in this ministry and change many lives both physically and spiritually. These children will never forget your investment and love in their lives, neither with God our Father. 


New Life Trust India- Poor Children Feeding Program. Click to learn more

2 current fundraisers:

1. Feeding the children

Daily 3 times food for the children for 30 children: this is approximately 44 cents per day

$ 400 x 12 Months=$4800 per year

Study materials for 30 children: Texts, Note Books, Pencils, Erasers, Whiteboard, Markers, Dusters, Crayons, School Bags etc.

Set of study materials cost = Indian Rupees 1800 x 30 Children=54000 ($900) for one year school session

Clothing for 30 children = Indian Rupees 500 for 1 child x 30 Children=15000 (US$250)

fundraiser for school supplies and clothing. Click to learn more

Other needs. Pray with us for these.


Presently Sudhir, his wife and helpers conduct children care ministries, education and office activities, feeding, and Sunday worship in a single rented room. You can imagine how they cramped it is to manage all these activities in a single room that is not very big,  but their passion in the Lord motivates them to raise up disciples of Christ in these little ones in a stronghold of Hindu culture and build up the lives these little children even through much hardship and and few resources. 

Therefore we invite you to invest into the kingdom of God through sowing your seed into this ministry to help purchase a building with several rooms for ministry activities and for the safety of the children. If you would like to support this ministry through monthly contributions of any amount, signup on our Partnership form and let us know what you would be willing to do. Contact Sudhir directly and get the name or names of any of his 30 kids if you want to pray over  and learn more about.  Soon we will post an album with all of his children so you can see them all here. God bless you!

Donations through AFM will be collected and sent out monthly to brother Sudhir, unless otherwise specified for special urgent needs. All gifts to NLT through us are tax deductible. This is a good man serving Christ in a very difficult place in India. He has found that the best way to reach many for the Gospel in his region is through the Children. Will you partner with brother Sudhir and his team?  He has little personal resource and does all he can investing all he owns.