SBS is AFM’s simple way to get some level of book by book, verse by verse Bible training into the hands of local indigenous pastors and their people at no cost so that better Bible study methods are taught and more grounded followers of Christ are developed for Church leaders where little to no other Bible training is available for the poor. Also we provide free Gospel tracts by the case, for ministers and evangelists in these poor areas to use as part of their evangelical outreach work. 

Help us fund more paper, printers, and ink to print thousands more Gospel tracts!

Sharon Bible School and tract ministry of About-Face Missions under direction of Jim Clark, Director of Discipleship

Our Sharon Bible Schools are set up to help support the teaching of the Word of God to those in need in Kenya, Philippines and other low income parts of the world where the indigenous people cannot afford more formal Bible school training and to help teach those wanting to follow Christ in discipleship through book by book, verse by verse Bible study. Jim Clark has also written out Gospel tracts and had translated into local languages and provides printing of Gospel tracts to various indigenous pastors who are reaching out in their areas to win the lost to Christ through evangelism. We need help buying the reams of paper ink and printers for pastors in are printing these out to distribute to their local area pastors to use in outreach campaigns. AFM through Jim’s efforts has provided and seen handed out over one million tracts in our short time assisting these pastors reach the lost for Christ. Statistics are showing we get about 5% of recipients who receive a tract that we know of that follow in discipleship! What an easy way to help us reach more people for Jesus. The men and women of God are there waning to use such resources to reach their communities, but do not have access without a little help from you and me to help provide this simple Gospel resource. Please click our ‘Support this Work’ button below for online giving! 

Click here for our Sharon Bible School download site. 

Some ways you can help:

  • Pray for helpers to come support individuals or complete schools.

  • You could support a student for $10 a month to cover supplies, food and teachers income. Students typically are Church leaders, pastors and those wanting more Bible study to be better teachers in the Church.

  • You could support an entire class for about $200 a month, knowing that you are making many adults learn inductive Bible study on a weekly basis.

  • People to fund reams of paper and printing costs for local language evangelism tracts to use during outreaches. $50 will buy several thousand tracts which are a proven way to get the Gospel out to many who otherwise would never hear it!

  • Pray for someone to come along who is willing to help Jim Clark with converting his Bible lessons and formatting them so they can be translated and added to his website for teachers to download lessons and print them out for students. If you have a heart for Bible Study discipleship, and want to invest some time in ministry, We need you! Email Jim at for more information.

Below is our framed in site built by brother Jim Clark who manages and runs our Sharon Bible School and tract program.