A evangelical mission Church ministry to the poor of northern Mindanao Island among tribal natives of the area and to help local pastors train, develop and expand Christian discipleship among the region.

Romeo’s mission to Mountains and Ozamis

Pastor Romeo who works among the poor villages in the mountains of Mindanao Island Philippians is in need of some financial help for Discipleship and evangelistic outreach in two weeks. He has two projects needing funding.  One is a for a week of March 14-16th evangelism saturation outreach in small city of Ozamis City. He and a team of pastors will be taking thousands or AFM provided evangelism tracts and distributing along with Sharing the Gospel of Christ with many lost among that city. Second need  brother Romeo has been asked to help disciple a small poor village Church up in the mountains in which he preaches at once a month now.  This small hillside simple church is badly damaged from recent hurricanes and needs repairs. Click Learn more button.


Pastor Romeo, Josefina Mindanao, Philippines

About-Face Missions has been working with brother Romeo and assisting him in his ministry work in the Philippines since around 2011 through various means. Romeo Labongray is a baptist church preacher who moved down from the safety of northern Philippines to work to reach more people with the Gospel in the under-served poor and more dangerous region of Mindanao Island where Islamic terrorism and disenfranchised natives live up in the mountains. His wife Verna is actually a native of the tribal people of this island and is from the many extremely poor people groups that Romeo is working to disciple into faithful Christ followers. AFM has for a number of years chosen to support Romeo and his family to help them devote full time work and ministry to these poor of the Philippines. We ask that you pray and consider helping us support more Gospel centered work in his area where other poor and impoverished pastors struggle for basic needs while they work for the Lord. AFM desires to find people who will ‘adopt’ a pastor for $35 a month to help them buy rice and basic foods as many struggle even to eat. Romeo has several fellow pastors in his association working in Mindanao Island who need some support. Would you consider helping us by helping monthly in this way? We will get you connected with more information a your pastor in need if you are led to assist us help them. God bless you!

Freedom Baptist Mission Church

Romeo’s small Mission Church in Josefina is called Freedom Baptist Church in which he pastors weekly, but he does much of his ministry work outside of his village in into the neighboring villages and enclaves in which he works with other men called into ministry to lead and pastor and make disciples. Photos above are some of his Bible study classes he and his fellow associate pastors do with local soldiers in various outposts there to help maintain peace from the separatist terrorists living in the area.

He and AFM over the years have helped build and establish many home and small mission Churches in the area. We assist Freedom Baptist with outreach ministries of human aid such as food and medical as well as helping them with buying and distributing of Bibles and discipleship training and tracts to help lead more people to know life and faith in Jesus Christ. These areas are very impoverished in which man live on less than 100 dollars a month. His congregations are unable to support and sustain even his family thus this is why outside ministries and donors such as you are vital in helping them raise of more disciples of Christ and to help meet some basic humanitarian needs demonstrating the change that Christ brings into people to care and love even strangers in a far away land.

Get to know Pastor Romeo by visiting his Facebook timeline and connecting as a friend. click above image to visit his timeline

Get to know Pastor Romeo by visiting his Facebook timeline and connecting as a friend. click above image to visit his timeline


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