We met Robai, who is 10 years-old, in December of 2016. She was attending a youth conference at the JFM church in Sang’Alo that we were attending and speaking at. JFM is the church ministry supported by AFM in Bungoma County, Kenya. Steph had taken some pictures of Robai because she had immediately fell in love with her and her infectious smile. There were many children at the conference, but we had several pictures of Robai. Several weeks later as the Mercy Home construction was progressing, we began speaking with the JFM pastors about orphans they were aware of that had the biggest need to move to Mercy Home so we could prioritize those coming. Pastor Calistus sent us a picture of a little girl who was HIV positive and needing a better home situation, and Steph immediately realized it was Robai! As soon as the construction of the home got to the point where we could begin to take in orphans, Robai was one of the first three girls to come live at MCH. Robai is a great addition to our Mercy Home family. She is so sweet and helpful, and of course we all love her smile! She is always so happy and almost never has a bad day. She is struggling in school, but that is due to not attending regularly prior to moving to Mercy Home. Also, much of the curriculum in Kenya is now in English, but her grandmother she was living with speaks no English. Robai has been working with a tutor and our oldest daughter Caitie and is showing some really good progress. Her HIV numbers continue to be controlled through meds and her steady diet of fruits, vegetables and protein now have helped her to be a happy, healthy girl! Before moving to MCH, Robai was living with her sick and elderly grandmother and just wasn’t able to be cared for the way she needed. God willing, we hope to be able to build a one-room apartment at MCH for Robai’s grandmother so they may be together and so we can help care for her as well. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring Robai or one of the other great kiddos here at MCH. Through your prayers and financial support, you can really change their story!