An evangelical missionary church ministry to help reach the lost and make disciples of Christ in Nepal with compassionate care for the poor and orphans among this mostly Hindu land of many unreached peoples.

Pastor Ram an evangelist who God led to establish a Church and now orphan home among the Hindu population in Nepal. His compassionate heart and hard work has proven he is a true Man of God with a heart for the poor and the suffering. Ram had taken in 8 orphan kids and today we support his family and orphans through several generous supporters. He calls his Church ministry About-Face Missions Nepal ministry to honor all who have donated to make this ministry grow. We support aid and water projects to the poor villagers in his regions where he is doing evangelistic outreaches to help form new Church plants and win more from the darkness of Hindu beliefs to the light of Christ! Ram and his wife are active in doing home to home visitations making friends sharing their faith and leading others to follow Jesus the Way, the Truth and the LIFE! AFM via many supporters of his raised up funds top purchase land for a new orphanage, and then helped him raise up funds to construct a permanent ministry home for the care of his Church, family and the the little ones God has called him to serve. Originally it was to also to serve as an orphanage, but due to government intervention they forced him to discontinue housing orphans there as the mostly Hindu government is not interested in seeing Christian ministries do such work in Nepal. This forced brother Ram into finding various Christian families to take in his children in which he is sending what financial aid he can to monthly to help cover the care and cost of raising up another child in their families.

AFM is seeking monthly partners to help brother Ram retire the last bit of construction debt for his new Ministry home and to help with monthly support of his children now in diaspora in various other families, and to subsidize Gospel outreach to the villages in the mountains and towns around him for him and his church team.