Brother DV's church started over 10 years ago in the mountains of Mindanao Island alongside the dangerous Muslim autonomous zone with murderous radicals. We have changed his name here to keep some level of protection from his enemies and enemies of the Gospel around him. There he has ISIS affiliated radical Muslims searching the web trying to spy on his works and to cause him trouble. Yet today he has many extension Churches led by faithful men and women of God, discipled by DV. The dangers are very real and imminent, as his people and Church has come under gun fire by the radicals in which several of his people have been shot and murdered by these opponents of Jesus Christ! But this brother's passion for Christ is God sent, and he has gone back seeking out the murderers and in love shared Jesus and his forgiveness for their sins in which some left Islam, stopped murdering and came to follow Jesus with him!  He is one of the greatest soul winners of our day! Driven to spread the gospel to the lost and disciple those who come to Christ. Pst DV is seeing the Lord work in mighty ways even as he and his team of soul winners put their own lives on the line many times preaching. He calls his disciple making group of evangelists, the "AFM soul winning team"  because we often help support the 40 or so them on their missions.

Here is a photo from couple years back of his evangelism team

We need people who will stand in the gap and pray for them and help support them in their works to reach the lost. Bibles are always a big need for them so we invite you to help us buy them local language Bibles for around $6 each.  Come connect and get to know this soldier of Christ! Pastor DV also needs some regular givers who can help him support missionary pastors as he is continually launching into new Church plants. Typically the first year a new congregation is too small to well support a pastor and his family or with needed startup expenses of a new Mission Church work. Would you consider $25 or $50 a month to be a Church planter partner in the Philippines? This is front lines Gospel work in some of the most dangerous places where few fear to tread, but so needed!  God will greatly bless many through your gifts in this way through our effective friend and pastor DV. Pastor DV frequently does children ministries and programs where he and his local Church need a little help in their outreaches and just a small amount goes a long way to buy ministry supplies, fuel, and foods to make these programs a great success. If this is of interest to you and want more information, contact David by email.
We would love to privately share much more about this Apostle Paul like evangelist and church planter in the very dangerous Mindanao Island part of the Philippines!