As director of a non-profit ministry sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to know when to tell people about needs and to ask for their financial help. I personally get tired of hearing people asking over and over again for financial help, so I certainly don't like being the one who becomes that burden to other people! Yet needs must be known if we want partners in ministry to have the opportunity of the blessing to give. Truly the most blessed ones this side of heaven are the ones who know God and give sacrificially because of all Christ has done for them! Even so, this is one of the most difficult parts of a supporting ministry like this. 

Hi family of God and AFM friends!  
I need to give everyone some updates on our AFM Mercy Foundation Academy and our Mercy Children's Home that God has entrusted to us all.  There is much good being accomplished for the Lord in helping the poor and destitute in Kenya and in the various countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines in which God has given us some ministry in sharing the Good News of Jesus and loving others through various acts of compassionate care. Needs for each of our ministries carry on week after week and AFM is committed for the long haul to help our associate pastors continue the good works of Jesus in their respective countries and villages to the best of our ability.  I wish I could  show you all the beautiful works of Christ we in doing in so many lives through your prayers and financial contributions, and I promise that we will do better in that area, because God is blessing AFM with more staff support to help us do such as that!   

I need to draw some attention to our shortfalls at our AFM Mercy School and our need to complete the Mercy Children's Home.  
At Mercy Home. Several of you have been so faithful to give monthly or more often to help us get construction along thus far, and we thank all of you who have given and are continuing to give. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Words cannot express our thanksgiving to God and to his people for all that we have accomplished. Because of you we now have 14 orphans living in Mercy Home and living lives much improved over what they had, with the love of the Bys and Moreno family watching over and caring for them! God is good!

Unfortunately due to many unexpected expenses we have not been able to fund the wiring of electricity to the Home and we are still grinding out hours of use on the faltering generator. So we really need to spend that $1000 as soon as possible to get the power run to the property, but AFM has a shortfall in donations due to the summer vacation season and needs have been much greater than gifts coming in.  Plus we incurred some debt these past 6 months dealing with a multitude of medical bills that we are working to pay down also. Our 20k fundraiser helped us get a little further along in construction but the giving gave out at the halfway point and we have yet to mount a surge in giving to make that goal. So at this point we really are lacking about $10,000 in needed funds to complete the Mercy Home Boy's dorms and bathrooms, and to install a ceiling and paint the walls, and several other lesser needs that all add up.  We are doing what we can as we are able, but unfortunately we are using up most our donations in operational needs for the home and school. As we bring in new orphans into the Home, we also set them up for school across the road at our AFM Mercy School.

Would you pray about what you can do to help us revive our fund raiser to complete the Building project?  First two priorities are:  to get power run to the home so we can even then think about at some point buying a refrigerator and stove to move our Mercy Home up into the 21st century!  It will make their lives easier and allow them a multitude of other possibilities in foods and such. That total electrical cost bill is about $1100; along with this  a priority need is about $650 for 3 year long term VISA's for the Bys Family! This need is coming up soon in the next few weeks.

This leads us to our next urgent crisis. Shortage of funds for our July operations at Mercy School across the street.

Our school has an operational budget of about $1900 a month. This allows us to pay 8 teachers at $85 a month, and 9 other workers (cooks, security, facilities and pastors)  around $50 a month for our current enrollment of about 360 kids. Also this funds $425 a month in Corn, beans, rice, sugar and tea for twice a day campus meals for all and another $300 a month to buy medicines to prevent and treat malaria, typhoid and other diseases as well as provide some income for the onsite doctor. This is bare minimum, but even at these levels we are accomplishing so much good and raising up healthy and strong youth who are taught to know Christ Jesus.

Unfortunately we are only currently receiving about $700 a month in designated giving for the school, leaving us a shortfall of $1200.  Many months we have enough extra flexible funds to cover the extra needed to make budget, but summer months are sparse and so we really had to cut back severely and only pay half salaries and buy partial food and completely pause our medical program. Soon if we cannot find more help, children will get sick and some will die. This sad truth I know. It is the common place thing we saw all the time before we started helping them with medical treatments. You see this part of Kenya is Malaria capital of the World. It's pervasive and deadly.

Our prayer and hope is to find others to start adopting our many children at $15 a month and even if we get half of them sponsored, we would be way more than covered on minimum needs. Pray about helping us find people who will stand with About-Face Missions to help raise up the needed support so we are not alway struggling to find just basic funds each month. Many hands working together make the load light. $15 a month is not much. 360 kids to sponsor still seems like a huge mountain to climb. But if you and a few of your friends will pull together to help us fill those spots, we can do it! Nothing is impossible with God and his people!  Help us take action today!  Click this HERE to sign up to sponsor today, or this photo below for our Mercy School page to learn more about the school. 

Certainly all our other AFM ministry partners are suffering from our necessary cutbacks also because we have zero discretionary funds to give to them to meet unplanned urgent needs, and even cannot fund them all 100% of what we usually do. It hurts me to have to see them suffer when we in America have it so easy by comparison.  I and my wife have dug deep and given much but we cannot do it all alone we need you and your prayers to make it all happen. Pray about what you can do to meet some of our current needs at Mercy Home or Mercy School, and if you can pick up another child at Mercy School to sponsor. Maybe you can ask your sunday school or community group to consider picking up a child per family or do some creative fundraising to help some immediate needs. If you are like me, you have your plate full and it's hard to do more, but if we are willing to sacrifice a little more for the Lords people, I know He always blesses us with more Joy than that extra money could ever buy kept for ourselves!  No one will ever die wishing they spent more on themselves in this life. But when we get on the other side, we may question why we did not do more. 

If you are able to donate now, click this Give button to be taken to our page for ways to donate. God bless you!  Pray for us at AFM and for all these God has given us!