Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God. Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the President. - 1 Peter 2:16-17 Image

As people of Christ, the true servants of God, we must take heed to these words of the Spirit given to us. In Christ we are set free from the bondage of the law, of sin and death! We still have our old flesh and sin nature we are working to perfect more like Christ and so we mess up and fail to be like God in many ways....Yet we are free from the consequences of our deserved punishment because of the purifying blood of Christ shed for us! This is a glorious thing! We are indeed free to live as Children of God, forgiven and humble before him. Yet never forgetting He is a holy God, a consuming fire...even in the overwhelming glorious love and grace, he still demands our hearts to come be aligned with his. We must not allow our freedom from sin and death to be a means by which to excuse sin, but rather use it as a tool and means to fight it all the more! We must never forget that but by the grace of God, we would be facing his terrible and eternal WRATH! Do not ever forget. You are saved from your own evil desires and inclination towards evil. Live as servants of the Most High God. This God of glory wants us to respect and honor everyone. To deeply love the brotherhood of Beleivers, by doing life and service with them and making them the priority of your life. And yes, God wants you to honor your president, and leaders. You and I are to not talk about president Obama in a disrespectful and demeaning way. If your disagree with his politics (of which I do in most every instance), you are not to take part in verbally or visually using disrespectful words and tones. Not only that, you must Honor him for his position and office he holds over us all. Many Christians are sold out to the devil on how they speak about our Leaders. How can we as Christians expect God to bless our nation with revival when we all live as hypocrites before Almighty God?!  Evil or good, he is where He is because God has ordained it so for the time. So let's live as holy Saints of God and use kindness and respect towards all, especially weighing carefully the way we speak about our political opponents who hold office over us. This is not an option, but a command of God. You cannot pick and choose how you want to follow God. Blessings come to the faithfully obedient.