We first met Dan on the streets of Bungoma, Kenya in December 2016. He is 13 years old and had been living on the streets for about 6 years. We started meeting with him a couple times a week and quickly realized he was a very smart young man. In April 2017, we noticed his demeanor was going down-hill. When we first met him, we never saw him with the glue that nearly all the street boys inhale in order to alleviate hunger pains and the cold. But we noticed as time progressed he started to have glue with him almost every time we saw him. We also noticed a change in his attitude. He was usually very happy considering his circumstances, but he was becoming gloomy and sad. We became very anxious to get him off the streets. Even though the boys dorm was not complete yet, we moved him into Mercy Children’s Home on May 8, 2017. We were fairly certain that there would be a tough transition for Dan moving from the streets to our home, but we and many others were praying that God would help him through it. We knew that he had been on the glue for a long time and that there would likely be withdrawals. We also figured there would be some attitude adjusting from the freedom he has had the last few years to moving to a family with rules to follow. Thanks be to God! His transition was smoother than anything we could have asked for! Not only did he have no symptoms of withdrawal, but his attitude has been great. He has no problem following the rules of our home and he is actually very helpful. We were able to start him in school at our AFM Mercy Foundation Academy a week ahead of expectations! The last grade he had completed was 3rd, but his entrance testing showed he was capable of entering 5th grade. He was wanting to go into the 4th grade, but after seeing his testing, knowing how smart he is, and considering his age, we decided to put him into 5th grade. That proved to be the right choice as he has excelled. After only 3 weeks in school, he just completed his mid-term exams and was 3rd in his class! Dan loves school and wants to attend university someday to become an engineer. We are quite confident that Dan is fully capable of achieving success in whatever he ends up doing. He is now on a much different path than he was living on the streets. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring Dan or one of the other great kiddos here at MCH. Through your prayers and financial support, you can really change their story!

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