Pastor Nayak Ganesh Nagavath leads a missionary multi-pastor ministry outreach in India to unreached Hindu tribes along with co-pastors in his BBC Ministry.

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Ganesh came from the Banjera Gyspy tribal people himself and thus has a passion to reach these unreached tribal poor of central India. He also does outreach into the other unreached tribes such as the Gondi and snake worshipers of the region many time risking his life for the Gospel as many cultural traditions are held tightly among these various tribes of India. He and a couple men graduated from Bible School some years back and formed this ministry to reach the unreached tribes of his own people groups in central India. He was raised up by his own father who himself was an rare Christian in the area and who was a missionary pastor until he got too old, but who still helps fund some of the ministry needs as able. Ganesh uses evangelistic outreaches using Jesus film and Love feasts ( free dinners) to draw in people and disciple them about Jesus and take who God leads through small discipleship groups and to form new small Churches. He partners with men who are called to missionary life to begin shepherding these new congregations and help grow them in faith. AFM has been supporting this hard working pastor for the past 5 years and desires to help fund more Jesus film outreaches and church planting efforts to lead Indians to Christ. Resources are few as most the tribal people they reach are very poor rural Indian people and have little to spare. For now he rents rides or uses a motorcycle to access the remote villages. Pastor Ganesh has several associate pastors who live in poverty for the sake of the Gospel. We would like to connect more people to help them! Consider this valuable opportunity to know and help real suffering servants of God do Christ’s work. Consider sponsoring a pastor today!

Some sponsorship needs for this ministry:

  • Full $60 or half $30 a month pastor salaries for indigent pastors working at missionary Churches established through BBC and AFM outreaches

  • $20 a month sponsorships of poor pastor families children. This helps them send their kids to private schools where they learn English and can get much better education and bright future opportunities.

  • Sponsorship of Jesus Film outreaches. Typical one or two day outreach costs about $150

  • Bibles for the poor. We can buy local language Bibles for about $7 each.

  • Help purchasing a 125 cc motorbike for each of his Missionary pastors. These bikes cost about $1200 each.

  • Ganesh badly needs a rugged SUV Jeep like vehicle so he can take his team and supplies deep into these back woods tribal places for mission outreaches. Please pray about how we an find a way for him to acquire a vehicle as the cost will be about $15k