Christian Gospel ministry to the poor of Pakistan in the heart of Islamic troubles.  Pray with us for this faithful brother and pray about helping us support this faithful ministry work to reach more for Jesus!

Here in this photo you can see a recent baptism of a new one who gave his life to Christ by pastor Munir and soon through your support of his ministry preaching outreaches and for Bibles and supplies to disciple the poor, you will see many more baptised and following Jesus in the land of Pakistan as Christ builds his Church through allowing us to participate in this great life changing joy!

PRAY and take action to help. God bless you!  This is your opportunity to share in the ministry of the Gospel around the World where Islam is dominate but cannot stamp out the light of Christ! 

Pastor Munir is a Pakistani Christian active in evangelism, indigent child care, compassion ministry, and leads a local Church in his small Christian colony surrounded by Muslims. He and his wife have taken in many needy and helped them with the little that they have. They draw nearly all their living and ministry expenses from people like you abroad since those he serves in his mission Church are far too poor to give enough to support Munir and his family.  He is passionate about reaching the lost and in providing for the poor and needy among him. Prayers for God’s blessings for his wife and children and on the ministry are appreciated and for safety in this heavily dominated Muslim country. AFM needs partners for his  ministry that is making disciples even among the hostile environment of Pakistan! If you can commit to some amount small or large to help him thrive in Pakistan you will be helping the Lord himself. This brother is hard working and bearing many burdens for the Gospel and the needy among his villages. God bless you!