Pastor Munir Sajid is a Pakistani Christian pastor active in evangelism, indigent,  children and compassion ministry, and leads a local congregation called New Horizon Church in his small Christian colony surrounded by hostile ideologies

Munir/New Horizons Church Automobile fundraiser!

Over the years of our partnership with brother Munir and his wife, they have taken in many needy and helped them with the little that they have. They draw nearly all their living and ministry expenses from people like you abroad since those he serves in his mission Church are far too poor to give enough to support Munir and his family. Christians in dominate Muslim countries are treated as second class citizens and face much abuse and limited opportunities.  Munir is passionate about reaching the lost and in providing for the poor and needy among him. Prayers for God’s blessings for his wife and children and on the ministry are appreciated and for safety in this very Muslim country. We are seeking financial and prayer partners for his ministry as he works to make disciples of those around him. If you can commit to some amount, small or large, to help this ministry thrive in Pakistan, you will be helping the Lord himself. This brother is hard working and bearing many burdens for the Gospel and the needy among his villages. God bless you!

Munir's New Year New Horizon Church gathering

Through your gifts from USA and abroad, New Horizon Church under Munir’s leadership a couple years ago purchased land and built a brick fence for protection and after some months of fundraising was able to build walls and roof and has now completed a large church hall for poor and persecuted Christians in his village colony. Now they can more safely worship Jesus with less fear of ridicule and abuse by locals of Pakistan. Thank you to all who have invested in the Gospel work. People born in “christian” families are seeing greater hope to follow Christ and not abandon the faith, but also poor of other faiths are choosing Jesus as Lord and Savior in a country where radicalism is almost all we hear about these days. The Gospel is alive here, even though under heavy threat. Pray, Pray and Pray for our brothers and sisters within the borders of Pakistan. Christ still has his body there growing and remaining faithful. Below are some recent images from his elderly care ministries, New Years and Christmas celebrations in their new Church hall those like YOU helped provide funds to build in 2018! Praise God! He is the Great Provider, as Munir says often!

Pastor Munir’s Annual Christmas Joy for Children of Pakistan!

Each year at this time Brother Munir and his New Horizon Church fellowship work hard to raise donations buy toys, edibles and supplies for children of poor Christian families to help them have some joy at Christmas. Many times this is all these poor families will be able to provide as a gift for their Children. When you give to this Christmas fund need for New Horizon Church under pastor Munir, you can be assured all these monies are going to help build these gift boxes for the children, also if enough funds are sent, they conduct services at various locations and give gifts to many other communities of children that include Hindu and Muslim children also. They use this as opportunity to tell their neighbors the true story of Jesus Christ and his reason for coming to earth to bring peace with God through his Gospel to all! Thank you all who participated in 2018 fund drive giving to make this such a blessing to many young children in rural Pakistan and by doing so we are bring joy to the Christian community where life is hard, and planting seeds of love in the poor Hindu and Muslim families for openness to the Gospel truths of Jesus Christ.

Here in this photo you can see a baptism of a new one who gave his life to Christ by pastor Munir and soon through your support of his ministry preaching outreaches and for Bibles and supplies to disciple the poor, you will see many more baptized and following Jesus in the land of Pakistan as Christ builds his Church through allowing us to participate in this great life changing joy!

PRAY and take action to help. God bless you!  This is your opportunity to share in the ministry of the Gospel around the World where Islam is dominate but cannot stamp out the light of Christ!