***Urgent need and prayer request! *** 7/12/17

We are praising God daily for faithful pastors like brother Munir Sajid. He works non-stop and lets no afflictions nor obstacles keep him from preaching the gospel, helping the needy, praying for the sick and broken and winning souls to Jesus Christ and making disciples! Yet he does it will very little financial base. His local church is filled with many needy people who have little to no means and he gives more to them than they are able to give back. This is the truest form of servant leadership. AFM is stretched beyond our means to support all the needs of all our pastors we love and support monthly, so we have no funds to send for emergency help right now. But right now Munir is in need of $500 to make his final payment on the Crop fire damage from a couple months back. If he cannot produce this money this week, the muslim landowner will be able to legally take his ministry and family motorcycle away from him as final payment. The bike now has a value of about $800. Please consider helping us help Munir by making what donation you are able to help meet this urgent need. Visit aboutfacemissions.com/donate and memo in "Pastor Munir" in your giving so we can retire this debt and help him continue on in his work for Jesus.

If we cannot help this time,likely we will be doing another fundraiser soon to get him even more funds to buy another motorcycle. 
Here in this video you can see a recent baptism of a new one who gave his life to Christ by pastor Munir and take notice also of Munir's face which was still in healing from the burns from the out of control fire he attempted to stop.

PRAY and take action to help. God bless you!

Pastor Munir is a Pakistani Christian active in evangelism, orphan care, compassion ministry, and leads a local Church in his small Christian colony surrounded by Muslims. He and his wife have taken in several orphans for which they have raised for the past few years also. He is passionate about reaching the lost and in providing for the poor and needy among him. Prayers for God’s blessings among the children and on the ministry are appreciated and for safety in this heavily dominated Muslim country. AFM needs Sponsors for his orphans and this active ministry that is making disciples even among the hostile environment of Pakistan!