We are and began as About-Face Missions, but legally incorporated at AFM Ministry Inc, a Texas Non-profit based in Garland Texas. We are a ministry in growth and transition from how we began as primarily an indigenous minister support ministry, to now more fully focused where God has opened doors for us in Kenya and east Africa with the Bys Family Missionaries. We commissioned Jeff and Stephanie Bys family to live in Kenya in 2017 to help us build a new ministry to impact lives with deeper Gospel discipleship and long term effective care for the needy through starting an orphan home Church planting and schools for the poor. As we transition, we as a ministry continue to support several of our legacy partnerships around the world in Pakistan, India, Nepal and Philippines. These began from our Gospel travels around the world starting in 2010 when the founder David Shelton and then Jim Ball established relationships with various ministers through evangelical mission trips. As of 2017 when we began Mercy Home ministry, we had sixteen core ministry works around the world with our monthly supported AFM partnerships, but as God blessed us so much with the Bys Family Mercy Home work, we saw the ‘writing on the wall’ that God had a new direction and focus for us to develop this work and apply more of our resources into helping make this a great success. As a small non-profit we saw the need to become more focused and do better serving the Lord Jesus in Africa, especially Kenya.

For necessary reasons and limited resources, we had to narrow down our legacy ministry partnerships to ones that are willing to become more self-sufficient as we are working to just help them as facilitators for people to donate through us to continue to help them. As their donors drop off, we will be discontinuing even these in time AFM Ministry known before as About-Face Missions, will be known only as one much greater ministry called Mercy Ministries- AFM Africa. Even through our African mission is in Kenya, we have expectation and vision to expand our reach all over East Africa and thus we chose AFM Africa as our new designation over AFM Kenya, thus setting us up for greater ministry in Africa, where God seems to have been pleased to plant us! But for now, if you are interested in one of our prior legacy ministries and supporting them, we still work to accept donations for them and get them funded monthly. See below for their pages and how to give towards their needs.

- David Shelton, AFM Ministry President/Director

Below are some of our other existing supported partners.

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God has placed vision in us at AFM Ministry to reach the lost of the world internationally. We exist to glorify God and to build Christ’s Church while doing so with compassionate care.

Calling Christians to action—

AFM believes that the Great Commission Matt 28:19-20 mandate is to all followers of Christ and that we must not focus on only our local neighbors where the vast majority of Christian ministry is done, but also the entire world. All the world is our neighbor more than ever before, especially in this internet connected age! We also have a call to the 'pure religion' of helping the most poor and helpless among us; the poor and the orphaned and widowed.  While we cannot help the entire world's poor, we can help some, so we ask you to join with us because working together we can do so much more, and we can certainly bring the Hope of Jesus to multitudes when we put the love of God in action!

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