Come and See. Go and Be.

We are AFM Ministry otherwise known as About-Face Missions. From our Gospel travels around the world, AFM has established partnerships with trustworthy indigenous pastors in various countries. We work primarily in the countries of Kenya, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Philippines, and Uganda. We have gone where God has led us for his reasons. We sometimes travel alone and work with our partner pastors to equip and encourage them, and develop our relationships. Other times we lead short term mission teams for compassionate care Gospel ministries, reaching, teaching and multiplying as we are able for Jesus Christ. Sometimes we are mistaken as a children’s ministry organization, because we help so many kids in need. Jesus encouraged us to receive and love children who have simple faith and want to follow God and it so hard to walk away from the innocent beauty of any young child in need without doing something. We are a Gospel mission’s discipleship ministry. But we believe that the love God gave us means to meet both physical and spiritual needs when we are able. We found many poor people in need far worse than our western poor who live like kings by comparison; children in tattered and torn clothes, shoeless, not able to go to school or hungry, folks ridden with disease for lack of some simple care they cannot afford;  and then finding that so little was needed to help them improve their poor condition compelled us to do what we could to help, especially to those in the household of faith. Thus our mission grew to become what we have today. As of 2017, we have sixteen core ministry works around the world to are our monthly AFM partners. We are a holistic gospel ministry that works to building up complete Christ followers, so we are not a highly specialized ministry only focused on one small aspect of Great Commission work but vary in approaches as God enables and leads our ministry pastor partners. Also we will not compromise Biblical truths and God given mandates just to find easy money or attest to ungodly things for a fast buck. This is one reason we seek faithful like-minded grass roots Christians to help us through financial partnerships to take part in the works God has begun in his people, our supported ministers. Through these faithful ones we reach many more than possible on our own, and much more efficiently. 

People see the reality of the truth we bear best when carried with compassionate care towards them. What good is a faith that does not act in love?  Clearly according to God's Word, it is meaningless. "What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food,  and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.  We are not fools and thus know that if we are to preach repentance and trust in a sacrificial God of love it will not be heard well unless it comes with acts of kindness on our part ! For that which God blesses us, we are entrusted to bless others. We are his stewards, and thus one day we look forward to our reward when we see Jesus face to face and get to hear those glorious words, "Well done, good and faithful servant... Enter into the joy of your Master!" ( Matt 25:21)

 We carry the Gospel with us in our hearts and on our lips, and this love of Christ compels us to do more than just leave them with words,  but rather with sacrificial giving like that of the Father; so that more hearts will be open to see Jesus and then 'Go and Be' likewise.  We are his ambassadors. Come represent Jesus with us. 

- David Shelton, AFM Ministry President/Director

Here below are our core ministries.

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God has placed clear vision in us at About-Face Missions to reach the lost of the world internationally. We exist to glorify God in the following ways:

Calling Christians to action—

AFM believes that the Great Commission Matt 28:19-20 mandate is to all followers of Christ and that we must not focus on only our local neighbors where the vast majority of Christian ministry is done, but also the entire world. All the world is our neighbor more than ever before, especially in this internet connected age! We also have a call to the 'pure religion' of helping the most poor and helpless among us; The poor and the orphaned, so along the way just like our pastor partners we are working to take in all those in need that we can possibly help.  While we cannot help the entire world's poor, we can help some, so join with us as we find we can do so much more working together! Click here to see the ones you can help! 

Reaching the unreached peoples—

AFM has a burning desire to see the lost found and to bring to completion the fullness of the Church and Christ’s return! To do this we must stay focused on reaching the least reached tribes of the world mostly in the 10/40 window, and to go where the Holy Spirit is ripening the harvest of souls! We seek your help in doing this.

Partnering with indigenous ministers—

Many faithful servants of God are working hard to disciple people to Christ in various underdeveloped nations where extreme poverty exists and these servants have very little themselves. With a little help from the wealthier Christians from the west we can enable them to spend less time fighting for survival and help them focus more time and effort reaching the lost for Jesus! They are our most effective and efficient missionaries and we can “Go” for Jesus simply by sending them!

Connecting local Churches to missions—

AFM desires to help equip and engage local churches and assist them in their own desires to be missional in their vision. We can connect your local fellowship with one of our vetted out indigenous pastors in Africa, Asia or S. America in order to help your fellowships be more internationally connected with what God is calling us all to do for his Global Church. Let us help you grow your own work and ministry and glorify God globally!