About-Face Missions is expanding the love of Christ to the 'least of these' in Africa; The orphans, the outcast and the poor of Western Kenya.

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 Some of the street boys we met and are working to help rescue with God's help! 

Some of the street boys we met and are working to help rescue with God's help! 

Our new AFM Mercy Children's Home & School is located in Bungoma county in Kenya launched and began in 2017 outside the city of Bungoma in the small village of Kaya.  We commissioned Jeff Bys and family to direct and manage this work for us because of the passion God put into them for orphans and the needy (Bys is pronounced 'Beese'). The Raymond Moreno family who likewise have a passion for the little ones also traveled to Kenya and spent about 6 months living with and assisting the Bys family in 2017 helping us launch our mission, manage construction, and raise support to these orphans and rescued street boys of Bungoma. Raymond and family are now back in the USA due to some health issues of with his wife, but remain supporters of our ministry.   As of November 2017 we had 19 orphans as with the 9 Bys family members, staff we have about 30 people at the home we feed and to whom we provide help. Pray about making a short term trip to Kenya.  Our original plans included a partnership with a local Church ministry with which we worked in supporting a school and other outreach ministries over the past 5 to 6 years, but unfortunately it quickly turned bad as we began to find many ungodly activities. When we pressed for repentance and reforms, they refused admonishment, then turned on us becoming our adversaries rather than our helpers in God's calling to help the orphaned, the poor, the widowed and homeless of the region. Our first year was full of trials and testing, but the Bys family stood strong in persevering faith that this is the call Jesus Christ set them out to fulfill and we have overcome many hurdles by God's grace!  We press on and are back now to completing construction or our facility to house the many children God wants us to love as well as developing fully devoted followers of Christ, grounded in his Word! 

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The Bys family sold all they owned, gave away career and savings to serve God as full time as missionaries to help the needy. But why Bungoma Kenya?  The reasons are many, but ultimately it was through trips originally made by AFM founders who traveled on Gospel missions to work with various pastors in Bungoma and they and those like Jeff who went along with them saw many horrific unmet needs that we all felt God was leading us to do something.  The love of Christ compelled us.  We saw how easily we could do much good with our few resources. In our desire to do the most good we chose this place. We saw in Kenya a receptiveness to the Gospel and for us to come and settle there with such a ministry as this.  As the Lord Jesus said, "the fields are ripe unto harvest but few are the workers". We want to be faithful workers to deliver the Gospel message with acts of compassion. Where God leads us we shall go and It seemed very clear this was the place God was calling us to go and be his hands and feet and heart.  Kenya has many orphans due to rampant disease and poverty. Disease, lack of education and poverty kill so many poor among them and it only takes a small amount to radically change that!  The streets of Bungoma are also littered with an abundance of abandoned young children struggling to survive and of whom have become a pariah to the Kenyans..even to the local churches of Kenya. No one felt these street boys worthy to invest their time or trouble, thinking them to be a lost cause. But We knew better!  God rescued us, we who were the chief of sinners, were by the loving compassion of Christ Jesus bought out from death to LIFE!  And this is His mission for us, so we go without fear, but trusting in our Mighty God to help us be his ambassadors of faith, hope and love, even the the most outcast of the world!  God is with us!

Together we are all building a life changing Gospel ministry in our Mercy Home and School.  Without the passion and sacrificial giving of such men and women of God like the Bys and Morenos, we would not be able to do this great work of hope. Yet AFM Ministry, which supports many Gospel ministries around the world cannot do this all alone. We are trusting that God will provide for monthly needs through fellow believers like you. Through AFM Mercy Children's Home and School we hope to change a lot of lives for Jesus!  The Bys family has given it all for Jesus to serve the little ones of Kenya, will you join us in giving with them and being our partners in Kenya? We need your prayers, your weekly and daily encouragements, and your visits to see them, and your financial help. Help us change their story as we grow fully devoted followers of Christ. 


Jeff and his wife Stephanie set out November 2016 with their 7 youngest children; Caitie (17), Karson (14), Brendan (12), Ava-Joy (11), Violet (7), Aspen (4), and Reed (3). We also had Juliana Tovar go along short term to encourage and love on the little ones building relationships, and then Raymond and Tammara Moreno and their daughter Alexis joined the initial team in February 2017 up through August 2017. 

Thank you to all who have pitched in to help!  We rejoice in God for the loving friends and family of Christ that have come along to commit to helping us launch this beautiful work in Kenya. Budget needs will soon rise as we rescue more children to become a Home of refuge to both orphans and widows.  We are looking at a new property to purchase and fully own so we can begin expanding our ability to take in more children and do more good among the Kenyan people. Our first venture into establishing a permanent facility ran into many obstacles and roadblocks that forced us to move locations until the Lord gives us direction on a more suitable place.   Pray for us and the Bys Family as we move forward.

We are so excited now seeing all God has brought us through and for how many lovely children which the Lord has given us! Yes it is because of the grace of God we all do this.  We press on seeking to be James 1:27 people exercising the purest form of religion that brings the light of Christ to a dark and hurting world.
"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you" - James 1:27 

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