About-Face Missions is expanding the love of Christ to the 'least of these' in Africa; The orphans and the widows of Western Kenya.

Our new 'Mercy Children's Home' is next door to our existing Mercy School ministry called, 'Mercy Foundation Academy'. Both are located in Bungoma county Kenya in the rural village of Kaya.  Both Ministries are in partnership with Pastor Kennedy of the local JFM Ministry Churches . We commissioned our AFM VP Jeff Bys and family to direct and manage this work for us because of the passion God put into them for orphans. Then by the grace of God the Raymond Moreno family chose to come and do likewise! The Moreno's likewise have a passion for the little ones and youth. Due to some health and family concerns the Morenos are returning back to Texas and Raymond is going to take on a new role as AFM Kenyan Ambassador and Mission Coordinator to help us spread the word about what God is doing in Kenya and to help lead return group trips back and forth to visit the Mercy Home and help us encourage the little ones entrusted to us!  As of August 2017 we now have 15 orphans and still hundreds of needy children wanting you to come visit them across the street at our Mercy School! Pray about joining a short term trip to Kenya! 

The Bys and Moreno's sold all they owned, gave away careers and savings to serve God as full time as missionaries to help the needy. But why Bungoma Kenya?  The reasons are many, but ultimately it was through God putting pastor Kennedy in our lives and showing us the many unmet needs around him. We saw how easily we could do much good with our few resources. In our desire to do the most good we chose this place. We saw in Kenya great fruit in our labors and wanted to do much more. As the Lord Jesus said, "the fields are ripe unto harvest but few are the workers". We want to be faithful workers to deliver the Gospel message with acts of compassion. Where God leads us we shall go and It seemed very clear this was the place because of the great progress in our Mercy School and other evangelical works there.  Kenya has many orphans due to rampant disease and poverty. Disease, lack of education and poverty kills so many poor there and it only takes a small amount to radically change that!  The Love of Christ compels us! 

To get to know Raymond and family click photo for Raymond's Facebook page

To get to know Raymond and family click photo for Raymond's Facebook page

Together we are all building a life changing Gospel ministry in our Mercy Home.  Without the passion and sacrificial giving of such men and women of God like the Bys and Morenos, we would not be able to do this great work of hope. Yet AFM Ministry, which supports over 15 Gospel ministries around the world cannot do this all alone. We are trusting that God will provide for monthly needs through fellow believers like you. Through AFM School and Home we hope to change a lot of lives for Jesus!  These two families are giving it all away for Christ, will you join us in giving some with them? We need your prayers, your weekly and daily encouragements, and your visits to see them, and your financial help. Help us change their story as we grow fully devoted followers of Christ. 


Jeff and his wife Stephanie set out November 2016 with their 7 youngest children; Caitie (17), Karson (14), Brendan (12), Ava-Joy (11), Violet (7), Aspen (4), and Reed (3). We also had Juliana Tovar go along short term to encourage and love on the little ones building relationships, and then Raymond and Tammara Moreno and their daughter Alexis joined the initial team in February 2017.

Our initial support goals for these two families has been met and exceeded. Thank you to all who have pitched in to help!  We rejoice in God for the loving friends and family of Christ that have come along to commit to helping us launch this beautiful work in Kenya. Yet budget needs will soon rise as we rescue more children to become a Home of refuge to both orphans and widows.  Soon as we can we will be adding some widows rooms to live on campus also. 

We are so excited now that we have taken in our first few orphans even though the home is not complete! Yes it is because of the Grace of God we all do this.  We press on seeking to be James 1:27 people exercising the purest form of religion that brings the light of Christ to a dark and hurting world.
"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you" - James 1:27 

Featured Mercy Home Video

Video scene from the grand opening day with our Kenyan/Ugandan family all praying blessings over our team and asking for God's favor.

Click image carousel at bottom for some recent images of our Mercy Home!  Visit our Facebook pages linked here below or come read  the latest posts from the Bys Family Word press blog by click button below! 

Some financial information:

Praise God! We set and exceeded our minimum goal in monthly donor support to get started, so off we go!  But to make the goal of caring for at least 50 orphans by the end of 2017 we will need about $1000 more in monthly support plus the funds to complete phase one of our facility and some other initial intake costs, like beds and supplies for each child.  Would you pray about being a monthly partner in this ministry for the Lord? Click on the links provided and sign up for recurring giving and let us know you are with us! God bless you all!

As of mid May 2017 we are estimating about $15,000 is needed to complete major construction needs. We have come a long ways together and soon we will be ready to fill many more little lives with the hope of God and love.  Click here to see more about the construction budget breakdown.

Together, we are like God's rainbow of promise over the skies of the suffering poor of western Kenya! 

For those wanting to mail small packages or letters to the Bys or Moreno families use International Priority Mail for best rates with about two week delivery time to this address: 

AFM Mercy Children's Home

c/o Jeff or Stephanie Bys or Raymond Moreno

PO Box 2592-50200

Bungoma, Kenya

Click this image to see our initial Mercy home and School  brochure we created as we began this venture in 2016. Feel free to use to download and print of share. 

Click this image to see our initial Mercy home and School  brochure we created as we began this venture in 2016. Feel free to use to download and print of share.