AFM Mercy Children's Home is living the MISSION!  

"Thank your Lord God for bringing us all this far in our dream mission to be your heart of compassion to help raise up the poor and destitute little ones in need of the love of Jesus in Kenya!"
Thank you all of you who have invested with us to help us build our facility and fund our daily operations! You have been the vessels of God's goodness to us and to these we are here to serve in Bungoma Kenya! 

We've begun taking in the children who have been living on life's edge among the poor of Kenya!    Now we are looking for committed partners to financially and prayerfully love these children with us so that they can receive all that God has in store for them for the long haul.   We desire to find at least 2 people or families to adopt each child with a commitment of one year renewable terms. To start we don't want you to feel like this is an endless pledge of support. We are asking that you will sign up for an attainable commitment of one year and then re-evaluate on your yearly anniversary if you are still able or desire to re-up for another year.  Certainly we would love to have you adopt a child and get to know them and be their financial guardian up to young adulthood when they are able to fend for themselves, if you are able. But we know life happens and sometimes our situation changes and we need to revise our giving from time to time. 

Would you consider being a one year sponsor of one of these BLESSED ones God has given us?  
Many of you are supporting our Missionary team members faithfully and our construction needs faithfully and we ask that you continue to do so and even more as God allows.  But for these orphaned Children, now with our missionary team of the Bys and Moreno families, we want them to have personal sponsors to help us help them even better.  Suggested sponsorships we ask are at $25. But you can give as you feel able. Please also understand that no child we take in will be given more or less than the others, even if they are not sponsored, sponsorship funds go into a pool to support all of our children, so it is important that we get as many adopted as possible to help them all well. But with individual sponsorship comes the opportunity to let a particular child know they have one or two who are regularly praying for them, supporting them, and someone they can call  Mom or Dad and who can write to and tell about all God is doing in their lives through your loving support! Come love a child and get close to one of these beautiful creations of God. 

Below is a photo of each child we have inducted into Mercy Children's Home.  You can click on each photo for a special bio page and sponsorship details.  We will work to update these pages with new photos and information as time goes by, plus we also would love to share with their special sponsors more through occasional letters, videos and special words of encouragement and progress. 

Here we are asking not for you to Come and See... our Jesus. That is for those who are yet to move to the Next Level.
No, we are asking you to Go and Jesus, through the act of taking one under your care and helping us raise up fully devoted followers of Christ from destitute youth, to mature productive Disciples to go out and do likewise! 

For those who choose to sponsor a child, you can send your pledge support in monthly, quarterly, semiannual or yearly, but we prefer that you sign up for monthly auto-recurring donations through our online system, as this makes managing funds much easier and provides funds on a timely basis. Please first sign up to let us know who you want to sponsor through our sponsorship form link here below or one each child's page.