Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth? He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of his people.
— Psalm 113:5-8
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**updated 12/13/17**

Our Goal is $160,000 for acquisition and move in costs!

We are at 4.5% of goal with $7186 from 7 givers! Come join us and let's glorify the Lord in our giving!

We believe that God is has opened the door 'for such a time as this' to be the 'princes of God' we were meant to be; to stand with God in raising up the orphaned, the widowed and the poor of Kenya with compassionate Christian care and discipleship. Our rental place is too small and we must buy or build a campus to continue fighting for those who need us in the world!  With your prayers and loving financial support we can quickly raise up the needed funds to purchase an amazingly wonderful campus just waiting on us to fill it up with God's Love!

Another ministry has spent about 30 years building up a beautiful campus with many of the facilities that we envisioned to do when sending the Bys Family to Africa. Their ministry ended up closing the campus about 5 years ago due to retirement of the founder who moved back to the USA. Unfortunately due to the amount of investment into it, they were unable to sell this rural campus for the market value of about $350,000, so their ministry leadership here in the USA have decided to let the entire campus go for a fraction of the cost to a like-minded Christian ministry such as AFM, conditioned that the campus be used for it's original purposes of discipleship, orphan and indigent care to the needy of Kenya!
So AFM Ministry is now seeking to raise up $160,000 to purchase this beautiful campus!  Upon purchase this will put us decades ahead of where we ever imagined possible in ministry among our Kenyan friends and at a fraction of the cost, even making any prior losses on our previous project meaningless!  In this package we will acquire about 8 acres of land, and multiple buildings, as seen below on the facilities map. This includes not only multiple homes for living, but a school facility, an orphan home, workers homes and a complete outpatient hospital campus!! Soon we can start an entirely new venture into medical missions to the poor in ways we never thought possible before!  This could open doors to partner with Christian medical professionals all around the World to serve the poor in a place where conditions are much worse than anything we see in the Western World. 

Now is the time to pray about what God will have you do to take part in his glorious work to the people he loves so very much in Kenya.  If you desire to learn more about this and what you can do to help, please call AFM president David Shelton at 460-213-0015 or email him or Jeff Bys at info@afm.ngo for more information. It is possible our window of opportunity will close on this near the end of December 2017 so we are looking to God for his miraculous hand to lead the way and help us raise up what is needed to secure this property!  If we cannot raise up enough money for this campus or if something happens where some other ministry buys it before us, we have a couple backup properties that we have looked at available for purchase where we can start construction ground up.  For those who do not know, we had to move out of our original facility due to ministry partnership problems and inability to secure the property in our name. This time we will be working independently and have the property in our name to avoid those prior pitfalls,  as the Lord wills! 

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Use this campus overview map below to lead you to the primary points of interest to campus facilities in the gallery below to see more detailed photos. Then at page bottom is the entire photo album of photos we have collected.

Mercy Children's Home proposed campus complete photo gallery! 

Click here to see full size image gallery of campus! 

Some of the campus details. 

VLMI / Lavin Academy property. 7.5 acres as is.

9 acres possible (neighbors willing to sell if we ever needed more land) Plenty of space for growth or farming.
Entire property is fenced
Watchman house (right near the front gate)
**Housing** Main 4 bedroom houseScreened in porch, American bathroom with a tub,Tile flooring, Dinning room
White Guest house 3 rooms, Rainwater catching system, Screened in porch,  Shed/storage room, Red Guest house (greenish trim)
Garage/storage (no doors), 3 guest huts, Water tower and well (shallow), Store room/Garden shop house
**Primary school** 8 classrooms, 2 teacher offices, 2 storage rooms, Desks in each classroom, Large black boards in each classroom
Skylights in classrooms, 2 Basketball goals, Water catching system, Louvre windows for air flow, Ceilings in all classrooms
**Orphan house** 6 rooms, storage room, outdoor kitchen, Rain water catching system, Latrines, Storage shed
**Hospital** 13 rooms, Reception area, Labor and delivery room, Minor operation room, Bathrooms inside and out, Overnight nurse house, Separate facility for laundry, Rain water catching system, Centrifuge, Machine to sterilize medical tools, Scale, Beds, Tables
**Only need transformer for power everything is wired because power was there before. The transformer is only for that property**