Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth? He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of his people.
— Psalm 113:5-8

our AFM Purple fleet of Hondas!  This is how we get around and with such a growing amount of business need owning 3 bikes and having 3 paid staff drivers is less costly and much more efficient for us rather than renting rides and drivers. 

**updated 8/1/18**

current goal is now $10,780 for 8/10 acre to expand Kaya campus

We are at 9% of goal with $1,000 in bank!

full pink bar would equal$10,780 or more!

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Once back in Kaya at Mercy Home, where we began over a year and half ago, we thought for a couple months that God wanted us to take yet another "about-face" and pursue a 7 acre campus across the county that included a school, orphanage, homes, and a hospital (the old VLMI property).  Actually we found out about it's availability last September, started to pursue a fundraiser to buy it, but then it was off the market and we wrote off the idea. After that the Bys family and MCH ministry went through enemy attacks and many legal hurdles which the Lord used to redirect us to re-occupy our original property where we built our current 6000 sq ft facility (yet only about half finished).  Just as we began to get back into routine taking in more needy children,  and developing our discipleship ministries, we found that the campus was again back on the market and we began to ask God if he was really wanting us to buy it and relocate there. So we put on hold our plan to buy more land next to our current campus and went back into a holding pattern until we could get some clarity of direction for our minitry. We set up our fundraiser page and began to announce that we are once again pursing the campus just to be told that it is now sold!  Haha!  Back and forth we went with our plans and emotions, but WE do want to be where God wants us to be and so while that property would have taken us years ahead in facilities, it is no longer an option.  We now are needing to complete our first plans to buy the acreage next door that will bring our property up to the road. This will allow us some space to begin constructing some classrooms and open a Mercy Home School! Our vision shall be to bless this community and Kenya right where we are!  God has obviously decided for us to invest our lives and resources here for his Glory and for this opportunity to serve Him here we are so grateful. It is nice to be back where we can see the path cleared ahead as we press on loving others like Jesus has called us to do. 

Our current needs and next fundraising goals:

  1. Purchase the remaining 8/10 acre tract from the road to our current 1/2 acre land-locked tract of land at our agreed price of $10,780
  2. Complete second dorm room and second bathroom with concrete floors and walls, plumbing and lighting.
  3. Remove front wall and install fencing around front of property that is both attractive and allows better visibility and security. 
  4. Construct about 5 to 6 classrooms and prepare to open an AFM campus elementary school to first meet our kids educational needs and then screen and admit local neighborhood children with defined limits as funds are donated to cover their costs. 
  5. Construct 2nd MCH twin facility for Worship center/mess hall, indoor kitchen, and guest housing to allow us to more effectively care for the school and community and host visitors from America and the world. 


Stephanie and gangokids.jpg

But we have much work to do. Will you pray? Will you join us? Will you give and make a world changing difference in many lives all in the love of God that is meant to overflow like this?  Help spread the word and share this need with your friends and let's get the property expanded and a thriving mission for the poor and orphaned and widowed transforming lives and Kenya for the glory of Christ our Lord!  We will change their stories for God, one life at a time! 

If you desire to learn more about this and what you can do to help, call AFM president David Shelton at 469-213-0015 or email info@afm.ngo or Jeff Bys & Stephanie at MercyHome@afm.ngo for more information. 

Note: While we had previously raised up enough money to complete this land purchase,  we delayed the purchase to decide if it was the right thing to do as we were looking into a new opportunity for a different 7 acre campu.  During these past couple months Mercy Children's Home was hit with many unexpected medical bills and we took in several children who were near death. Also we were being asked to retire our legal debts by the law firm that was a life-saver for the Bys family that was a sizable bill by Kenya standards, plus some of our home and operational improvements like adding the huge septic system and needing to purchase two more motorcycles to make a fleet of 3 to better care for our children and operate our home chipped away at our fund.