Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth? He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with princes, with the princes of his people.
— Psalm 113:5-8

Spring funding need is $15, 00 for 1/2 land tract and to complete Mercy Home Bldg1

**updated 5/7/18**

Our Goal is $15,000 for Land and complete Building One

We are at 117% of goal with $17500 given! Come join us and let's glorify the Lord in our giving!

full pink bar is $15,000 or more!

We now have a matching Gift opportunity for our fundraiser for the next $5000 in gifts! Click 50% match offer to give now to help us reach this important goal! or MCH giving store for many other options of partnership with Mercy Home. 

We believe that God clearly has led us to re-evaluate our original thoughts to purchase the much larger Lavin campus across the county that was offered to us for $160k last fall and to move back to the Buluma district of Bungoma county Kenya to pick back up where we began and to complete what God called us to do among the poor of the Kaya village area. AFM and the Bys Family know were were called to stand with God in raising up the orphaned, the widowed and the poor of Kenya with compassionate Christian care and discipleship, yet with last years troubles with our prior partnerships, we had to ask God for clarity and be open to the Holy Spirit's leading. Our hearts were being bonded to these people and theirs to ours. They wanted us back, they worked hard to help us overcome our troubles and by God's grace He turned tribulations into great victories to free us from bad relationships that were doing no more than holding us down from serving as God intended. Now we are back and our vision to help many poor and orphaned of the area is in full swing. 

But we have much work to do. Will you pray? Will you join us? Will you give and make a world changing difference in many lives all in the love of God that is meant to overflow like this?  


Now is the time to pray about what God will have you do to take part in his glorious work to the people he loves so very much in Kenya.  If you desire to learn more about this and what you can do to help, please call AFM president David Shelton at 460-213-0015 or email him or Jeff Bys at info@afm.ngo for more information. To purchase the property we now own and on which our home is built, we had to agree to purchase the reminder of the owners property from the road back to our home. We agreed to come up with those funds by this spring about a 3 month time from closing on our current property.  Plus we need all that space if we are going to open a new school and properly care for all the little children and the widows we have a passion to look after and love. We are trusting God to provide as we know this is His purpose for us. The total property is 1.3 acres, and we currently own about 1/2 acre that is fenced with a wall and gated.  The remaining 8/10 acre will cost us $11,200 more. So please pray about how you can help give, fundraise or be a champion who leads others to jump in with us!   Secondly we are growing so fast and have to put the brakes on taking in any more needy children. We currently have about 34 kids and then staff!  We need to finish off the remainder of our 6,000 square foot home. About 1/3 under roof, mainly the second set of bathrooms and the second large dorm room that will be the new girls dorm and is being currently used as a Church meeting place needs concrete floors and walls plastered!  We estimate about $4,000 more is needed soon. But priority for now is buying the land, but if God provides quickly all extra will go towards finishing the Home. Pray about what you can do. This is such a joyful way to give and transform lives. This work matters and it is the goodness of God on display! 

Mercy Children's Home campus and property in front we need to purchase. 

  • May Goal for remaining 8/10ths acre land purchase ( where mud home resides) $12,200
  • May Goal for finishing off second bathrooms and girls large dorm rooms  $4000
  • Total goal above and beyond normal giving next two months  $16,200