We are now accepting donations to help Stephanie and Jeff Bys go purchase Christmas gifts for each of our 26 Bungoma Kenya children at Mercy Children's Home! 
Visit http://afm.ngo/ for giving or use your Pushpay phone app! 
We hope to raise at least $960 in two weeks, by Nov 24th. Our prayer is that they can travel to a larger city soon where shopping options are better. Kenya is not like America and options severly diminish if we wait until Devember to do this. 
Our goal and suggested donation is $30 per child and adult to help have a Christmas like they never have had before! But any amount welcome! Please select "interested" or "going" to this Facebook event and share with your friends and ask them to select interested or going also..even if you cannot donate, because this will help spread the word and help us meet our goals. We also will update here daily our progress towards meeting the 32 person gift $960 goal. 

Pray about what God would have you do to give toward this opportunity and help us get this done early before the options diminish greatly for them. God bless you all for all you have done!! 
May we all give Thanks to the Lord this month for our great blessings and rejoice in giving back to others in ways such as this! 
Visit http://afm.ngo/ for giving and memo "Kenya Christmas" on your gifts of love for this need! THANK YOU!

Facebook event post set up about this for interaction https://www.facebook.com/events/369413743511942/

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Our Goal is 32 gifts of $30 each, total $960 for the 26 children and 7 adults!

Goal surpassed 202%!! now $1942 raised by Nov 24th!