Pastor Kennedy and JFM Churches of Kenya is one of AFM's original supported ministries in which we support multiple pastors monthly and various ministry outreaches to the poor helping with food, shelter, widows and women's ministries and discipleship training of many men and women developing stronger faith and workers for Christ. AFM President David Shelton began our relationship with him back in 2011 when he worked with pastor Kennedy doing evangelism training for many local Kenya pastors and providing them with tools to better reach the lost for Christ. Through his first mission to work with them, the Lord blessed Kennedy and his pastors who took the initiative and went about reaching more effectively the lost with the Gospel. We found them as 3 small congregations of about 75 members went to about to 6 locations, and to about 600 members in just a couple short years! Kennedy also oversees yet another important AFM ministry we call Sharon Bible School of Kenya. Through him we hire teachers and pay for some supplies to do Bible studies for about 50 students at two location schools held at JFM Church buildings. The rural people of western Kenya live very meager lives mostly by farming or whatever trade they can do to earn to on average earn 30 to 60 dollars a month at best, so for pastors to make a living and do ministry well in helping their people, it is very challenging. Church offerings are rarely enough for even survival level.  It only takes 4 people like us working together to adopt poor pastors in shared sponsorship at $30 a month to free them for full time Gospel ministry taking away their worries to feed and clothe their family. This kind of support makes great Christ Kingdom impact and is one of the best ways to live out love for Jesus while reaching many people effectively with the Gospel!  Kennedy has many poor struggling pastors under him in Kenya and eastern Uganda who need our help. Consider helping us by donating to this need for $30 a month to partially sponsor a faithful Gospel minister in his calling through pastor Kennedy. When giving to this need, simply memo: Kennedy pastor sponsorship and we will assign a pastor family to you and help get you connected so you can follow what God is doing through you work and encourage and pray better.

Through brother Kennedy consider helping in these ways financially

  • Widows and  poor women's ministry needs
  • Missionary Pastor adoption
  • Children's ministries through AFM Mercy School or Mercy Children's Home
  • Bible's for poor and those who newly give their lives to Christ.
  • Evangelical crusades to preach and teach the Gospel in various public outreaches in communities
  • Weekly discipleship/Bible study training through AFM Sharon Bible Schools.
  • Indigent medical care in emergencies to help people get basic care for life. 
  • Food Seed compassion ministry. Purchasing of seed and fertilizer to help the poor grow crops. 


Thank you for caring for Jesus in this way!  The Lord said, When you cared for one of these of mine, you cared for me!