AFM supported Missionary JRB (name concealed for security reasons) was one of the founders of AFM along with David Shelton and has a passion for world missions & discipleship. He served as our organization president for our first 3 years helping us grow and become much of what we are today engaging hundreds of Christians here and abroad for world missions ministry. Early in 2014 JRB felt God was leading him to leave his successful career to focus solely on reaching the unreached people groups in the 10/40 window where most of the un-reached groups exist today. We invite you to support JRB through AFM today as he relies mostly on provision from fellow believers who have decided to partner with his as a missionary to some of the least reached places to take the gospel of Jesus and plant reproducible discipleship based small Church fellowships. 

JRB in Nepal overlooking God's beautiful creation

JRB currently serves as a church planting strategist in South Asia with Reach the Rest Ministries focusing on engaging unreached people groups with the good news of Jesus.  His strategy involves equipping and working with the local indigenous church in teaching them to make disciples who make disciples, leading to a multiplication of churches, revival and movements among their own people groups.  He endeavors to equip and train them to strategically cross into their "judea and Samaria", nearby cultures still waiting for the gospel, and make disciples for the glory of God.

One entity that JRB has been working closely with is No Place Left, which is not an organization but simply a movement of guys and gals using simple reproducible multiplying discipleship known as Four Fields and T4T to work toward no place left without the gospel like Paul mentioned in Romans 15:23. One place to look is The cool thing is that it started in China and India and is being used powerfully by God there so for once we in the west are learning from our brothers and sisters in the east!  How about that for a turn-around!