AFM has known and supported pastor John Tino since about 2012. John is a member of the Kenyan Maasai tribal people who was raised and educated in and around his home lands nearby to the capital city of Nairobi. John runs a ministry to the Maasai people of south central Kenya. Native to the Maasai tribe, John Tino has two remote Churches out in the “bush” of Maasailand, but disciples and pastors thousands spread all over the Rift Valley among the wild animals of Africa. These are the "bush people" of Kenya. John is bringing the gospel to the Maasai people, making disciples of Christ, and working hard to improve the lives of many, being an outspoken advocate for his people among Kenyans and the world. Many Maasai die for lack of water, medical and food especially during dry season times . Those in Tanzania are considered an unreached people group, while the vast majority of the Kenyan Maasai have been reached with the Gospel, many are just now learning about Christian faithfulness through Brother John. He has a passion for evangelism, discipleship, and Children ministries. He has a great need for Bibles and water transportation aid during the dry seasons. He is committed to educate and give compassionate aid to these nomadic cattle and goat herders. AFM is seeking $20 a month sponsors for indigent Maasai children to fund their education and provide meals. There are thousands of these children who are not in school and we want to extend God’s grace to these indigent people and bring the hope of Jesus to them! Through AFM donors we are helping John run two simple schools in his Church buildings giving many children real hope for their future to see real change. Pastor John himself is a product of sponsorship through Compassion International in which he was sponsored and able to get an education. This is what your small gifts of $20 a month sponsoring a child can do!
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John is a Maasai tribal member of some 800,000 people in Kenya. There are a few similar tribes likewise in Kenya that you may have heard about, but the Maasai are the most well known due to their proximity to the big game parks where people travel to see the big wild animals of Africa. They live primarily in the Rift Valley in south central Kenya just west of Nairobi over the mountain ridge, but many have moved into nearby cities such as Narok where they are trying to make a living and to survive the difficulties of life in the bush and herding animals. The Maasai are from the Nilotic people group. John lives in the bush and works to minister to the poor and uneducated among the Maasai. He has two remote Church facilities, but does much of his Gospel teaching and ministry among the people in small groups, as he can track them down, since they are typically nomadic moving their herds to good pastures and better grazing and water. Many in Tanzania across the border are considered an unreached people group, but today more groups are working to help reach them along with the locals like John. John is committed to help educate and help his people so that they can live better lives and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Part of our partnership with John is for Bibles and other outreach needs to help disciple them along with the other parts for humanitarian needs to show the compassion of Christ for the poor who are struggling to survive the droughts and lack of food and resources.  AFM assists by asking people to join us through sponsoring some of his Children so that he can pay teachers to educate what children we can get to attend his Church schools. Our donations provide means to buy food and provide water so that the parents will send their kids to school rather than force them into child labor for family survival, tending to herds rather than learning to read and write. We all know that to effectively grow out of poverty and to deepen their knowledge of God they need basic education, so in part this is what we help brother Tino to do, but we have only begun to scratch the surface of meeting the need and the needs are great. Would you consider helping us by sponsoring one of his children in Maasailand?  $20 a month provides some food and water and education. Along with this comes Christian discipleship and love that will last forever in their hearts!  We also have occasional project needs to help raise funds for widows ministries as well as for urgent critical needs. One recurring need it to help bring in water to the village areas in the bush when the dry seasons become several month long droughts.  Pray about helping and connect with us on Facebook and with John and stay connected with what is going on and the needs. You can make a big difference in the lives of the needy and bless them with Jesus!  If you want to commit to helping monthly please sign up on our online form 

John & Mercy Tino of Kenya

We have collected some images of Ministry with Pastor John in Kenya and here on his 2016 visit to USA. Click Tino Gallery button to enjoy.

How can you pray? How can you get involved? Begin by praying for these needs for John’s ministry to the Maasai of Kenya

  1. Education for the children. John and AFM have begun two simple Church schools to give basic elementary education to Maasai Children, but we need Monthly donors to sponsor more children for $20 a month so we can buy more food and school supplies and encourage more parents to allow their children to leave the herds and come get educated. Basic for discipleship and rising from poverty.
  2. Medical help and supplies. Most Maasai people living in the Bush never see a doctor and find basic health needs challenging. We are praying for starting up some medical missions and medical center for deworming of children and other basic medical needs. Pray about visiting on a medical mission to assist in medical help and training, and giving to meet this important need.
  3.   John has two simple sheet metal churches but has other Church locations always outside under trees. He needs funds to buy sheet metal and supplies to build a few more small Church buildings for safety and to be out of the sun. Both for comfort as well as a place for worship and discipleship and protection from wild animals that roam their territories.
  4. All the Maasai community is asking for outside support and funds to build a regional prayer and worship center in the middle of Maasailand on the local mountain. Pray for God to open a way for this!
  5. The Maasai need the Word of God through local language Bibles for $9 in the Maasai language. Also for those who are illiterate, we need help buying solar powered Bible Proclaimers where the people can listen to the Bible in their native language at home and in small groups. These devices cost about $100 each
  6. Women’s ministry needs for the young school age girls is another important need. Most girls who do attend school end up doing poorly due to the lack of feminine sanitary napkins and needing to stay home one week every month. We are praying for a few people who want to empower these girls to better lives and education through monthly commitments to sponsor this important need for $20 to $30 a month and change these girls’ lives in this simple way.
  7. Women’s ministry to help the very poor Maasai women to start micro businesses.   There is demand for Maasai ornamental wear all over Kenya and the world and John wants to raise some seed capital to help them by loaning a group of ladies funds to buy necessary materials and then starting their own mini-business’s and then recycle that money once repaid to other ladies who want to do likewise. These ladies may only need $200 each to start a productive bead wear business. As Church ministry this will serve as a means to greater discipleship influence into their lives.     
  8. Water supply needs among the families in the bush. Clean drinking water is a constant problem due to inability to dig productive wells in the Rift Valley arid lands, so we need help digging more water storage ponds by sending in a digging tractor for animals and placing more plastic storage tanks and funds to tank in water especially during the drought seasons. Also funds for food relief to the needy.
  9. Jesus film outreaches! John needs occasional help doing outreaches deeper into the territories of the Maasai people and down into Tanzania.  You could fund an entire outreach for $200 to buy transportation fuels and supply food and supplies to draw in large numbers of people to come watch the Jesus film and get to hear John and his team preach the Gospel of Salvation. Partial funding also welcom.