Diana is 13 years-old. We have known Diana since we moved to Kenya in December of 2016. She lived near pastor Kennedy’s home where we stayed for 4 months in a village called Tulumba. She quickly became good friends with our kids and they played together nearly every day. She was the first to come live with us after we moved into Mercy Children’s Home. Diana was abandoned by her mother, who took 2 of her youngest children and left Diana and the rest of her family with Diana’s father. She has a total of 2 brothers and 5 sisters. As much as we would have loved for her to remain at her father’s home, he works nights and struggles to care for the children that live with him. Diana is so happy living at Mercy Home and is genuinely thankful for her opportunity to just be a kid. She is in 5th grade at Mercy Foundation Academy and her favorite subject is Social Studies. She loves eating ugali (made from corn flour, similar to very dry grits) and chips (french fries…not American style chips). Diana’s favorite part of living at Mercy Home is having the opportunity to learn. Prior to moving to MCH, she would often have to miss school due to her father lacking the funds to pay school fees.