Christopher Samonte, is a evangelical Pastor of Christ Blessed Family Church in El Salvador City, Mindanao Island Philippines with a focus on discipleship and church planting while serving the ultra poor through food, clothing and educational compassion needs.

AFM supported Pastor Christopher has a compassionate heart for his people in his region of the Philippines where most people are brought up in Catholic tradition, yet most have no personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, and no understanding on how to start one. AFM has partnered with Pastor Christopher to help him feed the poor in rural locations, along with his acts of compassion to share the Gospel and make disciples and plant Churches. One such Church was started in a rural landfill area where kids and families were grazing the garbage heap for food and scraps to sell. We helped him start a feeding ministry at that landfill now called the Spirit-Filled Church which is thriving and making many disciples. He started another such church called the Golden Church in yet another very deprived area. And he continues to do outreaches into neighborhoods without a strong Bible based witness for Christ and forming new small Churches as well as training up new pastors to lead those new fellowships. Monthly help to support this type of Gospel feeding ministry that reaches people for Jesus is greatly appreciated. Click Pastor Samonte's name here or above to friend him on Facebook and get to know this faithful and effective minister of Christ. You can help him to feed the poor, buy Bibles, fund printing of gospel Tracts for them to distribute in Gospel outreaches, help fund the AFM Sharon Bible School program that Christopher leads at his Churches, or do ministry with him if you want to‘Go and Be’ in person! Pray for him as he seeks to start a Bible based primary and secondary school also to raise up true Christ followers from an early age!