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Baby Wayne's Heart Condition

This is probably the biggest NEED post we've ever posted. We need lots of prayer, shares, support and help/advice.

A few days ago we took almost 1 year old Wayne (Baby Wayne as we call him because we have 2 Waynes) to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well and his fingernails and toenails were purple. He got to the hospital and his stats were all over the place and the Dr on duty said Wayne has some sort of heart issue going on. Once he was "stable" we took him to see a cardiologist about 3 hours from our home. She did an echocardiogram and saw a heart that needs surgery and needs it asap.

Wayne has a LARGE HOLE and TRUNCUS ARTERIOSUS. That is his official diagnosis and all the information we have been given about his condition. He has had this since birth, but it has gone undetected, which the Dr was surprised and a bit confused by. She said he definitely needs surgery and this surgery isn't done in Kenya. She said they usually refer to India for this procedure, but that it can be done in America. We are checking into some other places, but really we are in over our head so to speak because clearly this will take a team of expert specialist to fix.

Specific prayer points

1. We get a clear direction on where surgery is to be done.
2. Getting Wayne out of country would be an easy process, we are already working on paperwork.
3. Surgery steps happen quickly or at the correct speed for Wayne.
4. Any funding/transport/housing needs are met.
5. Wayne's health while waiting for and during surgery would get and remain stable.
6. That the Drs who will be operating on our sweet boy would know exactly what to do for him.
7. Emotions for all of us. Wayne is dearly loved and cared for by many and we will be splitting off to get him the best care possible.

Please share this post and connect Jeff or myself to others, especially Drs who may be of help. Right now this is all kind of overwhelming because there are so many details that need to fall into place. If you are able to give towards Wayne's medical cost I will put the donation link in the comments and you may mark your donation for Wayne.

If you would like to contribute financially to Wayne’s medical care, any amount helps! Please click this link:

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We're Back from Nairobi!!

Today we arrived back home with our 2 visitors! It was an awesome day and we were blessed with easy and safe travels.

Dec 1st Steph Jeff.jpg

Ironically enough two years ago today we were traveling the same roads to our new (temporary) home in Kenya. Happy 2 crazy blessed years to us! We had no clue what lay before us but we were as ready as we could be. For anyone who hasn't been following our story from the beginning let me recap "quickly".

•2011 Jeff began to talk about Africa
•2012 Jeff was still talking about Africa and I was a "maybe someday".
•2013 "Africa, Africa, Africa"-Jeff "Don't talk to me about Africa!"-Steph
•2014 Jeff started volunteering with AFM and attempted a trip to Kenya, but it was bad timing so he wasn't able to go.
•2015 "MAYBE, when all the kids are grown I will go to Africa so please stop talking to me about it!"-Steph 🤷🏻‍♂️-Jeff
•2016 Jeff was able to go to Kenya with DC Shelton for 10 days at the end of April. While Jeff was in Kenya God made it abundantly clear that I was to go to Kenya as soon as Jeff wanted to. 😭😭😭 (I REALLY, REALLY did NOT want to move to Kenya EVER, much less so soon.)
•May-November 2016 We sold everything we had and packed 45 bags to permanently move with our 7 youngest children to Kenya.
•December 2016 moved to Bungoma, Kenya.
•January 2017 Had the water well dug and started building our home.
•May 2017 started taking in children
•September-December 2017 many wrangles with the men we came here to work along side with, forcing us to leave our home and we were even put in jail for a short time.
•January 2018 we moved back home with the support of our village and our court case was closed.
•June 2018 Purchased the 1/2 acre our home is built on. (Yes this was done backwards and we learned a lot)
•October 2018 finished the boys' side of the home and painted the majority of the inside of our home! 😁😁😁
•November 2018 Enough funds to purchase the front part of our land was donated. 💜

So here we are 2 years in and I can't imagine living anywhere else. It hasn't always been easy and we have made mistakes along the way, but we have been SO blessed and learned a ton. We now have 90+ children living at Mercy Home, a staff of 20+, a church that meets here weekly and we 2 visitors!

Thank you! Thank you for allowing God to use you in the lives here in our small village. Thank you for caring for orphans and widows. Thank you for building 5 homes for widows and families who need help. Thank you for allowing Jeff to live out his passion by sharing and teaching the gospel. Thank you for loving our children, I can't even explain what that means to me!

I'm crazy excited about this next year! We are hoping to open a school and welcome more visitors! Come and see!

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Those who still want to give to our Christmas Mercy Home Celebration event, please click this Mercy Home button to visit our webpage and use the giving options there! God bless you!

And if you have not yet watched our full length documentary yet, what’s keeping you?? click here to watch it all!



Lull's in the storms, but still hard at work

We are still here and kicking!  Even though you haven't heard much as we are busy at work in Kenya! 

One thing we may have forgotten to mention is that we now are the proud owners of 3 beautiful Honda motorcycles!!  We were spending too much money hiring drivers and renting rides and it only made sense that we invest in a couple more motorcycles for our transportation needs. Here is a photo of our awesome THREESOME of Honda's wrapped in our colorful Purple Bike protective wrap!  Pray also that we may be able to find funds in the near future to buy a small van, but that may need to wait until we get some higher priority items completed first. Click button below to see our latest updates on goals and fundraiser needs. Change is in the air! 

THANK YOU to all of you who pray and give to make this life changing ministry possible here in Kenya!  God bless you!!  

Stephanie loves colors! :-)

Stephanie loves colors! :-)



2 opportunities to help us!

posted on behalf of Stephanie Bys from Facebook.

Opportunity #1

Christmas is just 6 months away and will be here before you know it, so it isn't too early to start shopping now. We've had a couple people offer to have online parties like this to help us raise money for the new property God is calling us to. Every little bit helps. Allison Bailey has launched an AFM benefit Norwex sale opportunity! If you are interested in cleaning products without all the toxic chemicals add yourself to this group. These Norwex products will help you improve your life and profits will go to us to improve ours! I hear they even have a make-up removing cloth!
Thanks for your support and please share with your friends.

If you don't use Facebook and want to go straight to the shopping page that generates 25% to AFM then click this button! 

Click this image to be taken to the Norwex About-Face Missions private party group.

Click this image to be taken to the Norwex About-Face Missions private party group.

Opportunity #2

Here's another way you can help support Mercy Home! Amanda Berger with Trades of Hope will be donating 100% of her profit to MCH for our land purchase. Purchasing from Trades of Hope helps women out of poverty and our mission in Kenya to grow. Please join this group and let me or Amanda know if you have any questions. Feel free to share this group with your friends and family.

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Click image to visit AFM Trades of Hope benefit shopping group!

Click image to visit AFM Trades of Hope benefit shopping group!

Click button below to go directly to benefit shopping page! 

Please we ask you to visit both of these sites and give their products a try and enjoy blessings of living well and helping About-Face Missions support more needy families and neglected children in western Kenya, one of the poorest places on earth! Every sale here or dollar given matters!