Jeff and I need to return to the States and we need help funding it. If you don't know, Jeff and I do not take a salary of any kind so it isn't possible for us to pay for this trip ourselves. We feel like it is important for us to return sooner (end of this month) rather than later for a few reasons actually.


1. Kyle, our son, is going into the the Navy at the end of this year and we would love to get to see him and his family before he goes into the service. I was blessed to see him last September, but Jeff hasn't seen him since we left at the end of 2016.

2. We need and want to spend some time with our sending church. Most of them we've not met face to face yet, but they are very much a part of the work being done here.

3. I actually need some time to catch my breath. Since Wayne passed away life got busier and I've not really had time to stop making decisions. I'm ready to jump on a plane and for someone to set some food down in front of me without me having to make a decision.

4. Of course Jeff and I have many friends, family and supporters we would love to see and spend some time with. It will be a huge blessing to get to hug some necks we haven't seen in a while.


Jeff and I hit the ground running almost 3 years ago. During that time we've had very little time to spend together without lots of other people around, so this just trip just makes sense for a lot of reasons. The only drawback is the cost involved. If you can help us meet the fundraising goal it would be a huge blessing to us. We did have to raise the goal some because our flights ended up being more costly than we originally thought. Also please keep us and our family in your prayers over the next several weeks. Jeff and I are trying to get everyone prepared for our absence and we've never been away from our kids (the ones in Kenya) this long. While they aren't crazy about us being gone, they have assured us they can and want to handle this.

If you want to, and are able to, financially help us with this trip you can click the link below to give.