If you are looking for ways to help we have several right now, I know Facebook moves quickly so I thought I would make a post including all the ways to help out right now.

1. Our trip to the states isn't fully funded yet. We are currently sitting at 71% which means we still need $1162.00 to be fully funded. Brendan got a bit excited thinking this would mean a shorter trip until he realized it could mean we just wouldn't make it back. 😂 I didn't correct him because I'm a good Mom like that.


2. I went ahead and created an Amazon wish list specifically for things we are hoping to bring back home. I posted a list the other day, but again Facebook moves fast and now that post is several down on my page. There are things on there for the home, school, church and a few personal things. If you are able to get any of these things for us it would be a blessing. Used is always fine and we aren't picky on brands and such.


3. If you would like to purchase a handmade nativity please do so soon. Each nativity is $25 and we can ship or you may pick up in the DFW area or in Eau Claire, WI area. We will stop taking orders for these on September 17th so that we can get enough to cover the orders we have. All proceeds go to Mercy Home.



4. We still have some candy "needs"...WANTS for Christmas. Clearly these aren't needs but I think the kids would enjoy trying new candy. We are still wanting to get the following for at least 100 people Nerd Ropes, Reese's Pieces and caramel apple suckers (these are usually out for fall, sticky caramel with hard green apple sucker).

5. Since Jeff and I are leaving before October 1st we need to get salaries paid early. Sometimes this can be a struggle because of the way money comes in at different times throughout the month. If you are able to give towards this you can go to the link below.


6. Come and see us if you can! We will be in TX-WI-TX-Cali. we would love to see you! You can private message Jeff or I and see what dates we have left open.

Sorry if this list is overwhelming! Thank you so much for your prayers, shares and love. This ministry could work the way it does without the tremendous amount of support from y'all. We are so blessed to get to live here, travel back to the states and serve God in this way.