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Joyful July day...I missed a bunch but now I'm back! 

Meet Victor! This boy always brings a smile to my face. When you see him on the street he is smiling and if he isn't smiling before he sees you he will smile at you. Jeff and I have had many conversations with him, fed him many times and we desperately want to help him. The "problem" is that he is 16 and in our experience the older the child the harder they are no matter where they come from. Actually he has asked us to take him off the streets. Will you pray for Victor? Will you pray that something will give and Victor will have a home, family and get some education? Will you pray that if Victor is supposed to be here that fear would not stop us. He's probably so far behind in school that he needs to just attend a tech school to get some hands on training in a particular skill so he can get a job and do something besides sniff glue all day. It would bring me so much joy to see him sober and have a real conversation with him.
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