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fancy hospital labels!

fancy hospital labels!

They ended up putting him to sleep with anesthesia!  I'm assuming there was just miscommunication about that part, that is very common here. I got to the hospital while they were cleaning out his leg and didn't realize he had been put to sleep until I saw him in the hall waiting to be moved into his room. I thought he was just laying there resting until I saw his face with his eyes open, but he was completely unresponsive 😮. Yikes...he wasn't even hooked up to any kind of machine or oxygen. After about an hour he woke up and was in a lot of pain. Once his pain was under control he wanted me to go get him pizza and a salad! Needless to say he gets whatever he wants!

Doctor said they had a lot of cleaning out to do because there was a lot of infection in that area...even 3 or more inches above the wound. The infection was in the muscle, but not the bone.

Praise God it wasn't any worse than it was and pray that they can keep his pain under control. He is resting now after his pizza and has mashed potatoes and meat coming for dinner! Thanks for all of your prayers!

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