I am sure y’all are wondering what us Bys kids think about all of this. We’ll all tell you we are super excited! We do, of course, feel a little apprehensive on some levels, but overall we are excited. We had no idea that Mom and Dad had been praying about and talking about moving to Africa for the past few years. The way it all played out for us kids was the day after Daddy came home from his trip, we were all talking about how his trip went, when Daddy said jokingly that if he could move us all next month, he would.  I (Caitie, 16 years-old) quickly went for this idea. When we were talking with Daddy, Mom seemed to have a few oppositions, but Dad and I worked together to work out those problems. Mom ended up coming around, obviously.

kids Caitie

Caitie pictured above

Karson and I had already had a conversation during the week Dad was gone talking about what we would do if we moved. Karson said he wanted to help in the kitchen and I knew that I wanted to start a birthing center there. We kept it between us because I didn’t want to give the rest of the kids false hopes.

When I realized that Mom and Dad were seriously thinking of the possibility of moving, the hardest part was keeping it to myself! It was all I could think about and I started worrying that I was setting my hopes too high. I was also worried about how devastated I would be if they chose not to move. I had already thought about holding all of the babies there and playing with the kids. I had also planned crocheting the kids toys and blankets and giving those to them in person. Brendan and I had planned on learning their native language, Swahili, because we thought it would be funny to speak in a language none of the rest of our family knew.

Since the conversation with Dad the day after his return, I was positive we were going to move, but I was waiting for the definite answer. There were a couple of reasons I was so sure. First, I know Daddy. He was always talking about Kenya. Second, I could see no negatives in moving. Everything in our lives seemed to point us to Kenya. Third, everyone else wanted the same thing and felt as I did.

When I got the definite yes, I realized how quickly this had gotten real. I thought about everything that needed to happen to get us there and I wanted to start as soon as possible. Seeing as it will be months and months before we get there, I know we have time, but we really don’t have that much time. These are the last months we have to be with family, friends, and everything we have ever known. We all still have a lot to do before we get there and I know it will take a lot of baby steps to get us on that plane.

Karson (12 years-old) was especially excited! He is our country boy and moving to Kenya will fit his personality perfectly. He also loves to cook and, as I pointed out above, he plans on helping with the meals for the orphanage and our family. He is excited about learning how to cook on an open fire and learning how to make the food Kenyans eat. He has a big heart and I know he will be great with the kids. He is also excited about the plane ride there because this is his first plane ride that he has ever gone on. The only concern Karson has is whether or not he will be able to bring his guns.

kids Karson

Karson pictured above

Brendan (11 years-old) was the only one who seemed to be the tiniest bit uncertain. He said the reason for that was because we are leaving everything he has ever known. After thinking more about it, B says he is happier about going to Kenya than he is upset about leaving Texas. He is excited about the opportunity we have to start an orphanage and he is glad for the experience to be in a new place and get to play with the kids of Mercy School. He has recently discussed wanting to be a missionary when he is older. He told me he wanted to go to India but when he found out Dad wanted to go to Kenya, he said that would work for him, too.

kids Brendan

Brendan pictured above

Ava-Joy (10 years-old) is excited because she will meet new friends, but she is sad because she has to leave her best friends and some family behind. She is excited yet a little nervous about her first flight ever. Ava-Joy loves babies so she is looking forward to the possibility of getting to snuggle some new babies.

kids Ava-joy

Ava-Joy pictured above

Violet (6 years-old) is very excited about flying through the clouds and seeing the sky up close. She is eager to meet new friends, but disappointed that she will be so far from her closest friends. Violet is a little sweetheart and gets along great with kids of all ages so I know she will fit in just fine.

kids Violet

Violet pictured above

Aspen (3 years-old) has a few thoughts about our move too; she said she is happy we are going because Daddy went there and she wants to be there for a long time. She also mentioned going on a plane and wants to sit in her purple car seat.

kids Aspen

Aspen pictured above

I am interested in seeing Reed’s (2 years-old) reaction to the big move. I don’t know if he will even notice our new location. The one thing I am worried about is traveling there with him, but we will be researching ways to keep toddlers entertained on planes. No matter what our traveling experience is, once we get there I am sure he will be just fine.

kids Reed

Reed pictured above

I think it goes without saying that I am sad that I can’t make my friends and family pack up and move with us. However, I feel like this move is inevitable for me in the near future as I previously told Daddy if we weren’t moving now, I would probably move there myself in a couple of years. When Daddy mentioned that he was planning on taking a trip to Kenya, I knew that was what I wanted to do too. I just felt like I should go there. One of the saddest parts for me is that we will be leaving Cory, Quinn, and Kyle. They don’t live with us now, but we have never been that far away from them before. It will be harder to see them as often, but we know they will come and visit.