Sweet little Abigael is 5 years old. She is HIV positive and lost both her parents to AIDS. She has adjusted very well to living at Mercy Children’s Home and is one of the spunkiest little kiddos we have ever known. If you say her name three times fast, she will relentlessly chase you and when she catches you, she will kick you in the shins. We have no idea where that came from, but it is really funny to watch, haha. She is currently in what is called Top-Class at Mercy Foundation Academy and her favorite subject is Science. In Kenya, we have 3 pre-school classes prior to 1st grade; Baby-Class, Middle-Class, and Top-Class. Top-Class is basically what Americans call Kindergarten. Abigael’s favorite food is sukuma wiki, a type of greens that is sautéed in oil. Her favorite thing to do at MCH is to play, and she does that pretty much non-stop from sun up until lights out at 10pm and usually Aspen and Reed Bys are involved.